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About this Fund

Fund Detail

PDS https://informedinvestor.com.au/view/pds/23-2023-07-13-02:21.pdf
FUND MANAGER DomaCom Australia
ASX Code
INVESTMENT STYLE Fractional Property Investment
INVESTMENT PROFILE The DomaCom Fund is designed to simulate investment in direct property. The DomaCom Fund facilitates investment in a fractional interest in a property, being the Underlying Property held by a Sub-Fund.
FEES 0.88% p.a.



Access to Asset classes not generally available to retail investors

Retail investors are able to obtain exposure to assets which would normally be beyond their financial reach, by acquiring the asset with other likeminded investors.

The DomaCom Fund allows investors to allocate their investment across a range of different asset classes including:

  • Property assets across the spectrum of property classes including residential, commercial, retail, rural and industrial. There is also choice in respect of geographical location including different capital cities and regional areas across Australia.
  • Loans which provide a competitive interest rate and are secured against a first registered mortgage with a conservative loan to valuation ratio.
  • Other special opportunities which will be set out in a SPDS, that provide access to specific assets that are often not available to retail investors.

Ease of access and administration

Retail investors obtain exposure to different asset classes where the investment administration is managed online from the initial application, to the receipt of monthly distributions and all reporting is provided electronically by DomaCom.




Key Features

The DomaCom Fund is a Fractional Investing Platform which is a registered Managed Investment Scheme that is registered with ASIC.

The DomaCom Fund is managed by DomaCom Australia Ltd, the Trustee of the Fund is Melbourne Securities Corporation Ltd, and the Custodian is Perpetual Corporate Trust Limited.

The DomaCom Fund comprises a Cash Pool and Sub Funds. 

All investors must first invest in the Cash Pool before they can allocate their money towards a Sub-Fund. The Investors' initial investment must have been deposited into the Cash Pool for a period of at least 14 days before the investor may use any of those funds to invest in a Sub-Fund.

Each Sub-Fund will generally relate to a single Underlying Asset chosen for investment by Investors.

The Underlying Asset will be acquired by the Custodian on behalf of the Trustee for the Sub-Fund.

The DomaCom Fund allows Investors to gain an exposure to a number of investment sectors in accordance with their risk profile, spreading risk across multiple investments both within the DomaCom Fund and as a separate asset class within an Investor's overall investment portfolio.

Many Investors find it difficult to diversify their exposure to direct investments given the significant costs involved in directly purchasing a single Asset. By investing through the DomaCom Fund, Investors can achieve comprehensive diversification across multiple sectors by making a number of smaller investments in a range of Sub-Funds that they have selected, each of which represents a single Underlying Asset. Investing this way means that Investors can control their investment decisions.

By diversifying their portfolio in this way, Investors in the DomaCom Fund are able to spread their exposure to various asset classes by making smaller investments across a number of different Sub-Funds providing them with the opportunity to reduce the risks associated with placing a large investment into just one direct asset class. Investors are also able to keep their exposure to each asset class in proportion to the recommended asset allocation for their risk profile, something which is likely to be harder to achieve when investing directly into a single direct asset.


What does the Fund consist of?


The Fund consists of a Cash Pool and several individual Sub-Funds. Each Sub-Fund generally holds a single investment asset called an Underlying Asset.

What asset class can I gain exposure to by investing in the DomaCom Fund?

After opening an account in the Cash Pool, investors can then invest in a Sub-Fund and gain exposure to real property, loans secured by real property, and special opportunities.

Why Fractional Investing?

Fractional Investing provides Investors with the ability to gain exposure to specific, often high value assets that would otherwise not be attainable, for as little as $500 (subject to a minimum investment in the cash pool). DomaCom Investors raise the funds to purchase these assets using DomaCom's multi-asset-class Fractional Investing Platform where Investor's funds are pooled with other investors to purchase an asset (or a portion of an asset) through a Sub-Fund.