Elston Growth 50 Portfolio

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PDS https://informedinvestor.com.au/view/pds/106772-2024-02-23-02:21.pdf
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An actively managed diversified portfolio of securities across both growth asset classes such as Australian and international equities, property and infrastructure; and defensive
oriented asset classes, such as cash and fixed interest securities.


The aim of the portfolio is to outperform the Composite Benchmark, overrolling four-year periods, after fees

BENCHMARK The Composite Benchmark is an index calculated as the weighted average of the indices selected as benchmarks for each asset class
FUND SIZE The Composite Benchmark is an index calculated as the weighted average of the indices selected as benchmarks for each asset class
FEES 0.4100%




Choice and diversification: Select a Managed Portfolio option or Managed Portfolio options to best suit your investment objective,
level of risk and your needs. You can choose from a range of Managed Portfolio options, which are diversified across their investment strategy. The more diversified the option, the less exposed you may be to the performance of any single investment holding.

Transparency: You and your financial adviser can view all investments, transactions and fees securely online, allowing
you to see exactly what assets are in your Portfolios and to track changes to your Portfolios in your Platform Account.

Professional investment advice: You have access to the professional investment management advice of a range of Portfolio Managers. Each Managed Portfolio option is monitored and advised on by the Portfolio Manager, who has been
selected by HUB24

RISK LEVEL Medium to High

The portfolio is designed for investors seeking:

  • long term capital growth above inflation;
  • tax effective income growth;
  • a non-index weighted portfolio construction; and,
  • a minimum investment timeframe of four years.



Key Features

Key Features 

Investment preferences: 

You can tailor a Managed Portfolio option by setting investment preferences for your Portfolios. This will allow you to exclude particular investments (either a single investment or multiple investments) from your Portfolios even if the investment(s) are part of the notional portfolio of the Managed Portfolio
option(s) you have chosen. Investment preferences

You can generally substitute any excluded investment(s) with one of the following:

  • an increased Cash Allocation
  • spread the allocation that would otherwise have been made to the excluded investment proportionally across other investments in the Managed Portfolio option
  • with an alternative investment that is available through your Platform Product.


Segregated tax position for HUB24 Invest investors:

If you invest through HUB24 Invest, you are not impacted from a tax perspective should others invest or withdraw from the HUB24 Managed Portfolio Service or move from one Managed Portfolio option to another. This is different from a typical managed fund where what happens in the fund with respect to other investors (e.g. withdrawal) can affect you.

Where you invest through HUB24 Invest, you may have additional benefits associated with being the ultimate beneficial owner of the investments and assets held in your Portfolios. This means all income and any realised gains and losses flow directly to you. Franking credits may also flow to investors if certain
conditions are satisfied.

Ability to switch between Managed Portfolios and transfer back to your Platform Account: 


You may be able to transfer investments between your Portfolios and your Platform Account in the relevant Platform Product without it resulting in a capital gains tax event.

Switching between Managed Portfolio options is available provided that the value of your assets in your relevant Portfolio(s) meets any initial investment amount. Where common holdings exist, these holdings can be transferred, rather than selling and re-purchasing them, avoiding unnecessary realisation of capital gains or losses. This can compare favourably with conventional managed funds which you can only fund with cash and must sell when withdrawing or switching between managed funds, with potentially unfavourable tax consequences.


  • Australian equities: 13% - 43%

  • International equities: 0 - 27%

  • Listed Property: 0 - 20%

  • Global Infrastructure: 0 - 20%

  • Australian fixed interest: 5- 35%

  • International fixed interest: 3 - 33%

  • Cash: 1 - 27%