Katana Australian Equity Fund

About this Fund

Fund Detail

PDS https://informedinvestor.com.au/view/pds/106746-2023-05-27-02:28.pdf
FUND MANAGER Katana Asset Management Ltd
ASX Code

The Fund is a benchmark unaware long only Australian Equity portfolio.


The Fund is an All Opportunities fund where the underlying goal is to maximise the risk adjusted return of potential opportunities listed on the ASX. 

BENCHMARK ASX All Ordinaries Accumulation Index
FUND SIZE ASX All Ordinaries Accumulation Index
FEES 1% (plus GST) per annum



Right size - Katana has built its track record during one of the greatest financial crises of modern history and is the ‘right size’ to deliver meaningful performance moving forward.

Strong experience - The Katana Team have a combined investment experience of 90+ years.

Respect for unit holders - We respect our shareholders and evidence this by investing alongside your hard earned money.

Right approach - We have a sustainable investment philosophy that does not limit your performance by restricting what we can invest in nor refrain from a high cash balance where appropriate.

Performance - Consistent, measurable out-performance over an extended period, and resilience in down markets


The Fund is actively managed and its returns may be volatile, particularly in the short term. As such, it may suit investors who are willing to accept higher risk in exchange for the potential opportunity to earn greater returns.



Key Features

About the Fund

The Fund is an All Opportunities fund where the underlying goal is to maximise the risk adjusted return of potential opportunities listed on the ASX. Katana will selectively and modestly initiate higher-risk positions where the potential return significantly exceeds the additional risk – both in terms of value and time.

Katana as a Manager will combine the best principles of fundamental, value and technical analysis believing that a better result is achieved by not being constrained to any one approach. The key to the long term success of the fund is considered to be their capacity to integrate the best principles of each discipline in addition to drawing on the extensive experience of the investment strategy committee.

Whilst the Manager will draw on different investment/analysis models to encourage flexibility and adaptability, this will be within an overall framework designed to control risks and stimulate sound decision making.

Katana has a style agnostic approach because it aims to outperform the index and maximise returns to investors through the economic and investment cycle. However this is balanced by their natural inclination towards capital preservation.

Why Katana?

  • Disciplined investment management approach
  • Experienced team with ability to act on decisions quickly
  • Proven track record over a sustained period in varying market environments
  • Management owns the business and have a significant part of their personal wealth in the investment funds
  • Specialist Australian equities manager

Katana employs several overall strategies to provide robustness and sustainability, these include:

  • Assessing and investing in holdings that are within their “circle of competence”;
  • Seeking holdings that have a long term sustainable competitive advantage;
  • Investing in entities where the management is considered robust and competent;
  • Ensuring that volatility is within an accepted range.


How we invest your money

Our approach and philosophy was setup to challenge the artificially imposed constraints of managing money. We have strived to remove all the artificial barriers to investing by having a mandate that is not limited by index weightings, sector restrictions, thematic or company size. This coupled with our ability to move swiftly to a significant proportion of cash as a defensive when required, allows us to aim for the best risk adjusted returns we can.

Stock Weightings

The Manager typically holds 50 - 60 companies, with a bias towards a larger number of smaller positions. However actual holdings will be dictated by market and economic sentiment which may indicate holdings in larger capitalised entities being more favourable from time to time. Therefore the Manager has set benchmarks which will provide for a level of flexibility whilst still minimising risk.

The fund is designed to be flexible and typically holds in the vicinity of 65-85% of its portfolio in equities with a cap of 98%.

The balance of the holdings will be in cash or cash equivalent products.

For more, please see pp5-6 of the product PDS.