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Dividend investing amid rising inflation

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FUND MANAGER Ausbil Investment Management
ASX Code

The option predominantly invests in listed large cap Australian equities in the S&P/ASX 300 Index. 


To provide long-term growth with moderate tax-effective income. 

BENCHMARK S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index
FUND SIZE S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index
FEES 1.02 % p.a.



Benefits of investing in FirstChoice Wholesale Investments

FirstChoice Wholesale Investments is designed to help you achieve your investment goals and provides access to a wide range of managed funds from some of the world's most respected investment managers. FirstChoice Wholesale Investments provides you with exceptional value, service and choice.


FirstChoice Wholesale Investments is a leader in providing value for money. We provide what you want - a great platform at a competitive price.


Our brand is synonymous with service excellence. You will receive fast and personal service.


Over 130 investment options and over 70 investment managers give you real choice and diversity, across specialist boutiques and leading brands.

Investment options

With FirstChoice Wholesale Investments, you can access a vast range of investment opportunities from well-respected Australian and international investment managers, including specialist boutique investment managers, across different asset classes such as shares, fixed interest, property and cash, all in the one place.

More than 130 ways to achieve your specific investment goals

FirstChoice Wholesale Investments has more than 130 investment options across different asset classes and investment managers so that you can tailor an investment portfolio to meet your needs.

You can choose from:

  • multi-manager portfolios which are pre-mixed for you, and/or
  • single manager options allowing you to tailor-make your portfolio.

You can choose one option or a combination of different options. You can transfer your money into other options at any time.

Each investment option has a different level of risk and potential level of returns.

Personal customer service every time

We understand that our success depends on our ability to provide you with great service - every time. We have some of the most dedicated and highly trained people in the market, and we constantly aim for exceptional service.

No waiting for reports and statements

Instead of you waiting weeks for annual reports and tax statements, FirstChoice Wholesale provides you with consolidated reporting at least twice a year, which will give you a complete picture of all your investments and a summary of all your transactions.

FirstNet makes it easy

You can also access up-to-date information on your investments at any time via our secure internet site, FirstNet. FirstNet e-Post is the fast and secure way to submit original forms and requests via FirstNet, our secure online service. You no longer need to post the originals, saving you time and effort. You will receive an instant email confirmation when you submit your request and a reference number. You must only submit original forms.

Receive informative material

As an investor in FirstChoice Wholesale, you can look forward to receiving:

  • iQ magazine
  • regular statements
  • confirmation letters.




RISK LEVEL Very high



Key Features

Ausbil Investment Management Limited is a leading Australian investment manager. Established in April 1997, Ausbil’s core business is the management of Australian and global equities for major superannuation funds, institutional investors, master trust and retail clients. Ausbil manage over $15.9 billion (as at 31 October 2021) in active Australian and global equity investments. Ausbil is owned by its employees and New York Life Investment Management (NYLIM), a wholly-owned subsidiary of New York Life Insurance Company. NYLIM has more than US$600 billion in assets under management. NYLIM has a number of boutique affiliates including MacKay Shields, Candriam Investors Group and Private Advisors.

Ausbil’s company structure embraces four criteria important in the selection of an investment manager:
• Solid ownership structure providing strong financial integrity to the investment manager;
• Key management incentivised by way of ownership in the business;
• Proven investment processes and performance track record in core areas of expertise with a strong focus on risk management skills;
• An experienced and stable team of investment managers.

The investment philosophy and corporate goals of Ausbil have been formulated to provide a tightly defined and disciplined investment management style that is active and incorporates quantitative inputs and risk awareness. Ausbil’s style pursues the goal of adding value from a clear set of transparent processes that seek to enhance performance, whilst managing risk.

Ausbil is a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and has a dedicated environmental, social and governance (ESG) research team who provide an in-house service. ESG research is integrated into Ausbil's investment process. Ausbil believes that a consideration of ESG issues as developed by well-founded ESG research can identify mispriced stocks and assess a company's earnings sustainability. Similarly, engagement on ESG issues can drive longterm value and reduce the risk of value destruction. Ausbil has monitored and engaged with companies on their corporate governance record and to this extent has historically regarded proxy voting as an important part of its fiduciary duties.

How FirstChoice Wholesale Investments work

When you invest in FirstChoice Wholesale Investments, your money is combined with other investors' money in a managed investment scheme. Each FirstChoice Wholesale investment option is a separate managed investment scheme except for FirstRate Wholesale products, which are deposit products of the Bank. We may invest directly or indirectly in other managed investment schemes managed by us to gain exposure and administrative efficiencies.

How your account works

When you make an investment into FirstChoice Wholesale Investments, you are issued units in the investment option(s) you select.

The unit price you receive is the unit price which applies on the day we receive a transaction request, provided the request is received before 3pm, Sydney time, on any NSW business day.

The value of units fluctuates as a result of changes in the value of the underlying assets or as a result of costs reflected in the unit price (except for FirstRate Wholesale products, where the value changes as a result of the payment of interest). This means that your account balance can fluctuate on a daily basis depending on the value of the units which you hold in your account.

Depending on the investment option(s) you select, you may receive income in the form of distributions.

There may be tax consequences as a result of your investment.

Receiving income

Any income that you receive from your investment, may include income such as interest, dividends and realised capital gains.

FirstRate Wholesale products will pay interest only. The payment of interest will follow the distribution choices you make on your FirstChoice Wholesale Investments account.

Income attributed and distributions are based on the number of units you hold in a particular option, in proportion to the number of units held by all unitholders, at the distribution date. Income attributed and distributions are not pro-rated for investors who were not unitholders for the whole period. The type of income you receive depends on the asset classes in which each option invests.


How we invest your money

Investment strategy

The option predominantly invests in listed large cap Australian equities in the S&P/ASX 300 Index. The option seeks to identify earnings and earnings revisions at an early stage, and hence to pre-empt stock price movements. The manager also seeks to position the portfolio towards those sectors and stocks which it believes will experience positive earnings revisions and away from those it believes will suffer negative revisions.

Investment ranges

(Asset class: Range / Benchmark)

  • Australian shares: 90%-100% / 100%
  • Cash: 0%-10% / 0%