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FUND MANAGER Stewart Investors
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The Fund has an investment strategy that allows the manager to invest in the shares of companies from around the world that they believe are well positioned to benefit from, and contribute to sustainable development.


To achieve long-term capital growth by investing directly or indirectly in a diversified portfolio of equity or equity-related securities which are listed, traded or dealt in on any of the regulated
markets worldwide. The Fund is not managed to a benchmark and may have exposure to developed markets or Emerging Markets whilst maintaining its geographical diversity. The Fund invests in companies that are considered to be positioned to benefit from, and contribute to, the sustainable development of the countries in which they operate. 

BENCHMARK MSCI All Country World Index over rolling five-year periods before fees and taxes.
FUND SIZE MSCI All Country World Index over rolling five-year periods before fees and taxes.
FEES 0.75% pa



First Sentier Investors

First Sentier Investors is a global asset management group focused on providing high quality, long-term investment capabilities to clients. It brings together teams of specialist investment managers who share its common commitment to responsible investment principles.

First Sentier Investors is a stand-alone asset management business and also home to a number of individually branded investment teams, such as Stewart Investors, FSSA Investment Managers and Realindex.

Significant benefits

Investing in the Fund offers investors access to:
• an investment philosophy which is based on long-term investing in what the manager considers to be high-quality companies
• a focus on sustainable development as a long term driver of strong risk-adjusted returns. The Fund seeks to invest in companies contributing to a more sustainable future1.
• an investment approach founded on the principle of good stewardship, meaning careful, considered and responsible management of clients’ funds

RISK LEVEL Very high

The Fund is suitable for investors seeking long-term investment in international equities. Very high risk of short-term loss. Likely to produce higher returns over the minimum suggested timeframe



Key Features

Stewart Investors

Stewart Investors manage a focused suite of long-only equity strategies investing in Asia Pacific, Global Emerging Markets and Worldwide. It complements these with more specific Latin America and Indian Subcontinent strategies.

Stewart Investors has an investment philosophy that is unchanged in more than three decades, since the launch of their first fund in 1988.

Stewart Investors take a bottom-up (company-focused) approach to sustainable investment. They look for good quality companies (management, franchise and financials) that are well positioned to meet the challenge of sustainable development and contribute towards achieving it in the countries in which they operate, be they developed or developing.

Stewart Investors has a strong conviction that such companies face fewer risks and are better placed to deliver positive long-term returns to shareholders.


Stewart Investors applies a bottom-up approach and aims to invest only in well-stewarded, high quality companies with sustainability at the heart of all investment considerations. Investment
decisions around companies focuses on quality:

• Quality of management including integrity, attitude to environmental and social impacts, corporate management, long-term performance and risk.
• Quality of the company franchise including its social usefulness, their environmental impacts and efficiency and responsible business practices.
• Quality of the company’s financials including a preference for low net debt, strong cashflows and fair tax practices, as well as robust financial performance.

The manager recognises and supports the need for societies to maintain a sustainable ecological footprint as they develop and believe a company’s ability to contribute to and benefit from helping societies to achieve this – i.e. its sustainability positioning – is a key indicator of its quality

Global Equities 80%-100%
Cash 0%-20%