Macquarie Investment Consolidator II

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Ongoing reporting and information Statements

We will prepare a detailed statement on the value of your account, and any transactions that have taken place as part of your annual statement for the 12 months to 30 June. Statements are available online. You should check the entries on each statement carefully and promptly report any error or unauthorised transaction to us. If you have any queries on transactions included in your statement, please contact us.

Independent audit and review reports

You can access the independent audit and review reports on the Investment Consolidator II’s annual statements online.

Tax reporting

Your tax report will be prepared following the end of the financial year and will provide details regarding your assessable income (including dividends, distributions and realised capital gains/losses on assets held within your account) and expenses for the 12 months to 30 June. Your tax report will be available online. Should you open a margin lending account in conjunction with your account, details of interest payments may be included on your tax report.

Online access to your account

Your online access allows you to:

  • view transactions conducted since opening your account
  • view your account balance, asset allocation and the latest available market value of your investments
  • view details of income you have received from your investments and your Wrap Cash Account
  • view details of the fees and taxes incurred on your account
  • view your individual account details
  • view your realised and unrealised gains and losses
  • access your annual statement and tax report
  • receive confirmations and other notices, and
  • view market information.

Reports available to your adviser

Where you have an adviser linked to your account, they will have access to your statements, and a comprehensive range of reports and data on your account to enable them to track your investments and other important information regarding your account.

Reporting on a group of accounts

We offer you the opportunity to link your account, for reporting purposes, to other accounts offered by us, provided that they are held by your spouse or other family members and they have given you authority to view their accounts. Where this authority has been provided, you and your adviser will be able to access reports that show a grouped portfolio valuation and asset allocation. You can also provide your authority for others to view your account.

Third party access

You can grant your accountant, self-managed super fund administrator or other financial representative secure access to view and download information and reports for your account, normally only visible to you and your adviser.





















Key Features

Your Wrap Cash Account

All cash transactions into or out of your account, including deposits, payments, fees, charges and taxes are processed through your Wrap Cash Account.

Taking the ‘work’ out of paperwork

We process all investment transactions and manage corporate actions on your behalf. In most cases, this is done according to the instructions you provide to your adviser which are then communicated to us. This helps reduce the ongoing administrative work for your adviser.

Online reporting

To ensure the advice you receive is based on the latest information, both you and your adviser can go online at any time to view a consolidated picture of your account.

Flexible menu options

Investment Consolidator II gives you the choice between two Investment Menu options:

Engage – a limited Investment Menu option featuring a number of SMA model portfolios managed by Macquarie as well as range of term deposits, all with a flat dollar monthly administration fee.

Elevate – a comprehensive Investment Menu option featuring over 500 managed investments, SMAs, Australian and international listed securities, domestic fixed income securities and term deposits from a range of providers.

You have the flexibility to move between the two Investment Menu options by giving us instructions via your adviser or directly to us in writing, which will generally be applied from the start of the month after we receive your instructions. If the Investment Menu option you are moving to offers the same underlying investments you currently hold, this can be done without selling any assets and realising any capital gains.