Hamilton Lane Global Private Assets Fund (AUD)

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PDS https://informedinvestor.com.au/view/pds/101583-2023-09-30-02:30.pdf
FUND MANAGER Hamilton Lane Advisors, L.L.C.
ASX Code
INVESTMENT STYLE The Fund invests in private assets globally.

The investment objective is to obtain capital appreciation over the medium - and long-term through investments in the Main Fund or in investments that fit within the investment strategy of the Main Fund. The investment objective of the Main Fund is to obtain capital appreciation over the medium- and longterm through investments in private assets globally. The Main Fund will seek to make direct or indirect investments in private assets globally and build a diversified portfolio over time to avoid concentrated risk exposures and to provide sufficient liquidity for limited redemptions at the level of the Main Fund.

FEES 1.70% per annum of the NAV of the Fund, including GST and net of RITC



Benefits of investing in the Hamilton Lane Global Private Assets Fund (AUD)

Investing in the Fund offers investors a range of benefits, including:

  • Access to attractive private assets diversified by industry sector, investment strategy, general partner and geography
  • Portfolio management expertise of the Investment Manager
  • Ability to rebalance exposure and obtain a measure of liquidity in a historically illiquid asset class.


Private assets have inherent risks and their values may fluctuate over time.




The Fund is not suited to investors who:

  • expect returns to mirror or better an index at all times;
  • expect to make significant short-term gains. The minimum suggested time horizon for the Fund is five or more years; or
  • cannot tolerate that there may be substantial fluctuations in the value of their investment. 
  • Class U is not suited to investors who cannot tolerate full exposure to foreign exchange fluctuations



Key Features

About the Fund

Hamilton Lane Global Private Assets Fund (The Fund), is a Luxembourg domiciled Part II SICAV investment fund. It is organized as a société anonyme under the laws of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and qualifies as a société d'investissement à capital variable (SICAV). The Fund's investment objective is to generate capital appreciation over the medium- and long-term through investments in private assets globally while offering quarterly liquidity to investors without traditional challenges.

About Hamilton Lane

Founded in 1991, Hamilton Lane is an alternative investment management firm providing private markets services to sophisticated investors around the world. Hamilton Lane manages capital in the private markets through separate accounts, multi-strategy funds-of- funds, secondary funds, and co-investment funds.

Hamilton Lane provides a wide array of discretionary and nondiscretionary services tailored to address the needs of its clients, including product offerings, strategic portfolio planning, due diligence, legal, monitoring and reporting, board presentations, performance analysis and benchmarking, and distribution management. Hamilton Lane serves a broad client base globally including public and corporate pension funds, labor union pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, financial institutions, insurance companies, high net worth individuals, foundations and endowments. Hamilton Lane's clients include a number of the world's leading institutional investors, as well as many mid-sized and smaller institutions.

Hamilton Lane has extensive experience and expertise in private markets, long-standing relationships with premier investment managers, access to significant deal flow and a rigorous due diligence and monitoring process. Hamilton Lane boasts a broad and global investment team, comprised of diverse nationalities and skill sets, as well as a variety of professional backgrounds. Hamilton Lane's focus is to provide comprehensive investment management, advisory and consulting services with respect to private markets investments.

Hamilton Lane Incorporated, a Nasdaq-listed public company, serves as the sole managing member of the Investment Manager.


How we invest your money

The Fund expects to invest most of its assets, directly or indirectly, in the Main Fund. The Main Fund may gain access to private assets through a number of different approaches, including without limitation, (i) direct investments in the equity or debt of a company ("Direct Equity Investments or "Direct Credit Investments, respectively, and together, "Direct Investments), (ii) primary subscriptions to closed-end private funds, including without limitation funds-of-funds ("Primary Fund Investments), (iii) secondary purchases of interests in closed-end private funds and other private assets ("Secondary Investments), (iv) investments in listed private equity companies, funds or other vehicles ("Listed PE Investments), or (v) programmatic investment relationships with asset managers outside of their commingled private funds ("Opportunistic Investments). The Main Fund may gain such exposure through a direct investment in the targeted investment entity or indirectly through pooled vehicles or special purpose vehicles managed by the Investment Manager, any of its affiliates or third parties.

The Fund may hold small cash balances for the purposes of meeting Fund operating costs.

For details of the Investment Strategy of the Main Fund, refer pages 5-8 in the PDS.