Macquarie Professional Series Global Alternatives Fund

About this Fund

Fund Detail

PDS https://informedinvestor.com.au/view/pds/101530-2023-06-09-02:30.pdf
FUND MANAGER Macquarie Investment Management Global
ASX Code
INVESTMENT STYLE The Fund invests in specialised hedge funds, which form part of the Macquarie Professional Series.
INVESTMENT PROFILE The Fund aims to generate long-term total returns.
NO. OF HOLDINGS 3 Underlying Funds
FEES 0.97% p.a. of the net asset value of the Fund



Benefits of investing in the Macquarie Professional Series Global Alternatives Fund

  1. Alternatives by their very nature are different to the more traditional investments of equities and bonds. So we searched the world for those who did different the best, selecting the three strategies that combined diversify traditional Australian investment portfolios
  2. Seeking a smoother ride for investors, our new alternatives solution takes the stress away from achieving diversification, delivering one simple, efficient and transparent product
  3. Three global managers in one simple Australian fund
  4. Handpicked and managed by Macquarie
  5. Designed to generate smoother long-term returns, across market conditions

By combining three complementary strategies in one fund, the Macquarie Professional Series Global Alternatives Fund delivers an alternatives solution that seeks to enhance traditional portfolios of equities and bonds. The underlying strategies have shown strong evidence of:

  • positive long-term returns
  • attractive correlations, that is they have behaved differently to equities, bonds and each other
  • support from Australian researchers

Investor suitability

The Fund has exposure to specialist trading and investment techniques that involve the use of short positions and derivatives through its investment in the Underlying Funds. You should only consider investing in the Fund if:

  • you have a high risk tolerance and a medium to long-term investment horizon
  • the amount you invest only makes up a small proportion of your broader portfolio of investments (that is, excluding your principal place of residence), and you will have additional funds at your disposal after you have invested in the Fund
  • you are advised by a financial adviser or have a high level of financial literacy and experience in investing in alternative investment strategies
  • you have carefully read all of the PDS
  • you understand and are comfortable with the risks associated with investing in the Fund
  • you have considered whether to seek, and if appropriate, you have sought, professional legal, taxation and financial advice to determine whether an investment in the Fund is appropriate for you, and
  • you have carefully considered the potential benefits and the risks involved in investing in the Fund in light of your particular investment needs, objectives and financial and taxation circumstances.




Key Features

About the Fund

The Fund aims to generate long-term total returns by investing in specialised hedge funds, which form part of the Macquarie Professional Series (each an Underlying Fund).

As at the date of the PDS, the Underlying Funds are:

  1. IPM Global Macro Fund
  2. P/E Global FX Alpha Fund, and
  3. Winton Global Alpha Fund.

Each Underlying Fund offers the potential for attractive long-term returns with low correlation to traditional asset classes. In addition, each Underlying Fund has an investment strategy that we believe is complementary to the other Underlying Funds. By combining complementary investment styles, the aim of the Fund is to produce more consistent risk-adjusted returns from a diversified and well-balanced liquid alternatives portfolio.

For more information on the Underlying Funds, refer to the Supplement.


How we invest your money

As at the date of this PDS, the allocation ranges to each of the Underlying Funds are:

(Underlying Fund / Allocation ranges (as a % of the NAV of the Fund)




  • Fort Global Trend Fund: 30%
  • P/E Global FX Alpha Fund: 25%
  • PGIM QMAW Keynes Systematic Absolute Return Fund: 20%
  • Allspring (Lux) Worldwide Fund - Global Long/Short Equity Fund: 25%




The Underlying Funds are not expected to change on a regular basis. We will notify investors if the Underlying Funds do change.

The Fund is monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure that it complies with these guidelines. If an Underlying Fund moves outside these guidelines, the Fund will, subject to tolerance thresholds, be rebalanced as soon as practicable to ensure it meets these guidelines. These guidelines may change from time to time.

For risk management purposes, the Fund may reduce its holding of Underlying Funds to one for a period of time, pending the Fund investing in one or more additional Underlying Funds. During this period, the Fund's holding in the sole Underlying Fund would remain within the previously disclosed allocation range (for example, 20% to 60% for each Underlying Fund above), with the remaining assets of the Fund being held in cash. In such a case, until the Fund is invested in at least two Underlying Funds, the management fee charged will be proportionate to the Fund's holding in that sole Underlying Fund.