Partners Group Global Real Estate Fund (AUD)

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PDS https://informedinvestor.com.au/view/pds/101490-2022-03-09-17:36.pdf
FUND MANAGER Partners Group Management IV
ASX Code
INVESTMENT STYLE The Fund invests in a globally diversified portfolio of real estate and related investments by investing in the Underlying Fund.
INVESTMENT PROFILE The Fund invests in a globally diversified portfolio of real estate and related investments by investing in the Underlying Fund.
FEES Capped at 1.75% p.a. including GST net of RITC



Benefits of investing in the Partners Group Global Real Estate Fund (AUD)

What does The Partners Group Global Real Estate Fund (AUD) offer?

  • Access to global private real estate with monthly liquidity, subject to gating provisions
  • An alternative to global listed real estate with returns driven by real estate fundamentals, not sentiment
  • Exposure to a diverse portfolio of properties and instruments not typically available to private investors (e.g. real estate secondaries)
  • Targeted outcome for investor is net return of 7-11% p.a. with low volatility and low correlation to listed markets

What makes The Partners Group Global Real Estate Fund (AUD) attractive?

  • Global relative value approach: the global real estate market is highly fragmented. The Fund's flexible global relative value approach identifies pockets of value across 100+ real estate sub-markets. The semi-annual assessment works across geographies, property types, instruments and through the capital structure
  • Sourcing and execution: The Fund draws on 55+ dedicated real estate professionals embedded in in private markets platform spanning 1'100+ professionals and 19 offices worldwide3. This includes 250+ professionals with sourcing responsibilities and over 50+ tax, legal and structuring professionals
  • Selectivity: The Partners Group private real estate platform reviewed 6'000+ investment opportunities worldwide in 2014, 2015 and 2016 with a 98% decline rate
  • Secondary investments: The Fund includes an allocation to real estate secondaries (10-50%) not typically accessible to private clients. This enables the fund to acquire funds and assets at discounts to prevailing NAV's
  • Simplicity: Fully paid-in (no drawdowns) structure, infinite life, currency hedging and monthly liquidity at NAV
  • Alignment of interest: The seed funding for the Fund was provided by Partners Group and Partners Group employees
  • Track-record: Senior real estate professionals have over two decades of investing experience. Aggregate gross return of 14.8% p.a. for all Partners Group real estate investments since inception (1999)

Investor suitability

Medium to long-term investors seeking a diversified total return investment strategy.




Key Features

About the Fund

What is Partners Group Global Real Estate Fund (AUD)?

  • A managed investment scheme which aims to provide investors with:
  • An alternative to global listed real estate, while attempting to minimize exposure to the volatility of the stock market.
  • Exposure to a diverse portfolio of properties and other assets that are not normally available to private investors.
  • Monthly liquidity, subject to certain restrictions.

Who will the Fund appeal to?

  • High-net-worth investors seeking access to an institutional grade offering, real estate secondaries and global private real estate.
  • Local real estate investors seeking diversification from a truly global portfolio (i.e. multiple 'property clocks') and immediate deployment of capital without foregoing liquidity (liquidity subject to certain restrictions).
  • Listed real estate investors seeking returns which are typically less sensitive to market sentiment.
  • Multi-asset investors seeking a new source of potential returns (backed by real assets and monthly liquidity).
  • Investors who are prepared to have an element of illiquid assets in their portfolio.

Where does it fit?

  • The fund can be incorporated into an existing portfolio as:
  • Part of an allocation to alternatives.
  • An alternative to global listed real estate managers.


How we invest your money

The Fund will invest exclusively in the Underlying Fund, provided that it may hold short term cash deposits, or similar, for cash management purposes. The Hedged Class will implement a currency hedging strategy.

The Underlying Fund is the Partners Group Global Real Estate FCP, which is a Luxembourg open-ended mutual investment fund (fonds commun de placement or FCP), which is registered under Part II of the Luxembourg law of 17 December 2010 relating to undertakings for collective investment.

The Underlying Fund will invest in a broad range of private real estate investment opportunities.

The principal elements of the Underlying Fund's investment strategy include (i) asset allocation broadly across private real estate markets and related asset classes; (ii) sourcing investment opportunities; (iii) selecting the investments that are believed to offer superior relative value; (iv) seeking to manage the investment level and liquidity; and (v) seeking to manage risk through ongoing monitoring of the portfolio.

Asset allocation

The long term target allocation of the Underlying Fund is shown below. The primary focus of the Underlying Fund is to generate returns from private real estate investments, which is balanced by adding liquid strategies to further diversify the portfolio and investing in sectors and regions typically less available for private investing, whilst providing a degree of liquidity to the overall portfolio.

Long-term target allocation

  • Primaries: 5-25%
  • Secondaries: 10-50%
  • Directs: 10-50%
  • Liquid strategies: 0-20%

See pages 8-11 of the Product PDS for more information.