Atrium Evolution Series Diversified Fund AEF 9 Units

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PDS https://informedinvestor.com.au/view/pds/101452-2022-09-28-02:19.pdf
FUND MANAGER Atrium Investment Management
ASX Code
INVESTMENT STYLE The Fund is diversified across investments in equities, interest rates and credit, liquid alternatives, currencies, and private markets (including real assets).
INVESTMENT PROFILE The Fund aims to outperform the RBA Cash Rate by 4.5% p.a. (after fees) over 5 to 7 years.
FEES 1.2813% p.a.



Benefits of investing in the Atrium Evolution Series Diversified Fund

Some of the benefits that may arise from an investment in the Fund include:

  • Managed volatility: Volatility is managed such that it does not exceed the relevant Upper Risk Limit for each Portfolio over a rolling three (3) year time period.
  • Income stream and capital gains: Potential for both capital gains and distributions of income.
  • Diversification: Exposure to a diverse range of assets either directly or via specialist third party investment managers.
  • Professional investment management: Access to the Manager’s specialist multi-asset investment management experience and expertise as well as that of leading third party investment managers of the Underlying Managed Investments (as defined in Section 5 of this PDS).
  • Unconstrained approach: A flexible, unconstrained approach which results in diversified portfolios that can meaningfully shift exposure among asset classes and to different geographies and sectors.
  • Accessibility: Access to actively managed portfolios that seek to maximise returns for predetermined risk outcomes that might otherwise not be available to the investor
RISK LEVEL Medium to High

If you are considering an investment in the Fund, you are also strongly advised to consider whether the Units are a suitable investment having regard to your personal objectives, financial situation and needs and the level of risk that you are prepared to accept. This may be influenced by:

    • the timeframe over which you are expecting a return on your investment; (Minimum 3 years)
    • your need for regular income versus long-term capital growth; (the fund is Growth orientated)
    • your level of comfort with volatility in returns; and
    • the general and specific risks associated with investing in particular funds.



Key Features

About the Atrium Evolution Series Diversified Fund

The Atrium Evolution Series - Diversified Fund consists of a series of portfolios (AEF 5, AEF 7 & AEF 9) that are managed across three corresponding upper risk limits. These portfolios seek to provide investors with a more consistent return outcome than the traditional industry approach to investment.

Atrium's investment philosophy rests on the following three tenets:

  1. Seeking to preserve capital
  2. Focusing first on risk rather than returns
  3. Seeking a consistent positive return outcome

Investment objective

The investment objective for each of the Portfolios is to seek to maximise returns while remaining within a predetermined upper risk limit. Risk is often synonymous with higher volatility of investment returns. To compensate for higher volatility of returns, an expectation of higher levels of returns over time are anticipated.

About Atrium Investment Management

Atrium Investment Management is a specialist manager of diversified portfolios and provides multi asset solutions for financial advisers, charities, institutions and high net-worth clients. The firm was established with a passion for providing leading investment solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs of clients. Atrium has an emphasis on managing the risk in portfolios  in order to deliver consistent investment outcomes.


How we invest your money

The Portfolios are designed to be multi-asset and diversified across various asset classes, including equities, rates and credit (such as cash and fixed income), liquid alternatives, currencies and private markets (including real assets). The Portfolios may be invested directly and through Underlying Managed Investments managed by external managers or by Atrium. The types of underlying investments and asset allocation ranges are at the discretion of the Investment Manager and may change over time.

Our approach is to invest in a diverse range of assets across different risk types. These risks broadly fall into three categories - Preservers, Growth Drivers and Diversifiers.

Each asset is included in the portfolio for its ability to contribute to returns on a stand- alone basis.

The different Portfolios each have a different upper level of risk that is permitted. While capital preservation and consistency of returns is always a focus across all the Portfolios, the higher level of risks taken in the portfolio will result in higher levels of volatility of each Portfolio. A higher level of risk in a Portfolio may be achieved quite simply by holding a greater weight in riskier investments. For example, a larger allocation to equities (as a higher risk investment) in AEF 9 compared to AEF 5 would typically result in the portfolio being riskier. In order for investors to be compensated for exposure to higher risk assets, a higher level of return is expected from those investments. However, this also means a longer time horizon becomes appropriate to ensure that the investment objectives are able to be met.

For current approximate asset allocations, refer to the Monthly Update for each Fund, which can be found on the product website.