Ventura Diversified 50 Fund

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PDS https://informedinvestor.com.au/view/pds/101376-2022-03-09-17:56.pdf
FUND MANAGER Ventura FM / Russell Investments
ASX Code
INVESTMENT STYLE The Fund invests in a diversified mix of defensive and growth oriented assets.
INVESTMENT PROFILE The Fund seeks to provide returns over the medium term, with moderate volatility.
BENCHMARK Custom composite
FUND SIZE Custom composite
FEES 0.80% p.a. total costs



Benefits of investing in the Ventura Diversified 50 Fund

Investing in the Ventura Diversified 50 Fund offers you a range of features and benefits:

  • Independent oversight - investment manager appointment and monitoring.
  • Diversification - a selection of asset classes and asset managers unique to the appointed investment manager.
  • Rebalancing of asset classes to the ranges described in Section 5 - How we invest your money - keeping your investment within the desired asset class weightings.
  • Services to make investing easier - we will send you a confirmation of investment or withdrawal plus regular statements to keep you up to date with your account, including an annual taxation statement (if investing through an IDPS they will provide you with this information).
  • Dedicated client service - you can access our Client Service Centre by calling 1300 738 421 Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 5.30pm Sydney time (excluding NSW public holidays).
  • Online information - you can obtain general information online about the Fund, including past performance, at www.venturafm.com.au, including audited annual financial reports.
  • Investor protection - your rights are set out under the Constitution which established the Fund as well as under the Corporations Act.

Risk level


Investor suitability

Investors who are seeking some capital growth over the medium term and are willing to accept the possibility of negative returns over the shorter term.




Key Features

About the Fund

The Fund typically invests in a diversified portfolio mix with exposure to growth investments around 50% and defensive investments around 50%. Derivatives may be used to implement investment strategies.

Ventura has appointed Russell Investment Management Ltd (Russell Investments) as the specialist sub-investment manager for the Ventura Funds. With core capabilities extending across capital markets, manager research, portfolio construction, and portfolio implementation; based in the US, Russell is a global asset manager with more than $333bn in assets under management.

Russell believe smart decisions are grounded in timely research and insights. So they inspect and analyse key factors affecting investor outcomes, and seek to create and adjust strategies to help achieve them. Of course, diversification and multi-asset investing do not assure a profit or protect against loss.

To create multi-asset solutions, Russell draw from capabilities created and integrated in response to investors' needs. They are one of only a few firms that offer capital markets insights, manager research, portfolio construction, and portfolio implementation. Russell research markets globally, and research managers, seeking to identify leading performers. They have decades of experience successfully building and managing portfolios, with their implementation efficiency anchored by a robust trading desk. Their precise views of market segments and performance are enhanced by their experience in building equity indexes. When it comes to our multi-asset solutions, all these capabilities are brought to bear on behalf of our clients. And they're all aimed precisely at helping these clients reach their outcomes.

About Ventura Investment Management

Ventura Investment Management Ltd (Ventura) has been managing client portfolios in Australia for more than 10 years. Ventura is owned by Centrepoint Alliance Limited, a diversified financial services company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Ventura's investment philosophy for the Ventura funds focuses on delivering risk adjusted, consistent returns for our clients, using a multi-manager approach in investing the fund assets. Ventura effects this philosophy through the appointment of a specialist manager which decides the investments it will make in accordance with the performance objectives and risk management guidelines agreed with Ventura under an investment management agreement.

Ventura selects and supervises the appointed specialist manager, providing independent oversight. Ventura reviews the investment manager on an ongoing basis to ensure they are performing to our investment expectations and managing the investments of the Fund according to the agreed processes.


How we invest your money

The Ventura Diversified 50 Fund is a multi-manager fund. This means that the investment responsibility is shared across a group of investment managers - each chosen for what the lead investment manager, Russell Investments, believes are outstanding capabilities. This means that you have some of the world's best investment ideas and managers contributing to your investment.

The appointed specialist investment manager, Russell Investments, also manages the currency exposure of the Fund.

Russell Investments also determine the assets types into which the Fund may invest and the level at which they are invested in those types. We generally aim to invest in 50% growth assets and 50% defensive assets, but this may vary by 10% either side of the specified target. Both growth assets and defensive assets of are described below.

Growth assets - include Australian and International shares and property, each of which may be listed or unlisted on stock exchanges. Growth assets may include non-traditional assets types. For example, high yield, emerging markets, commodities, infrastructure as well as alternative strategies (e.g. hedge funds, long-short equities).

Defensive assets include cash deposits and money market securities, such as bank bills and certificates of deposits, corporate floating rate notes and interest rate swap contracts. They also include fixed interest investments issued by Australian and international governments and semi-governments and government agencies or companies, and structured credit investments including mortgage and asset backed securities.

Asset allocation

The Fund typically invests in a diversified portfolio mix with exposure to around 50% growth and around 50% defensive investments. Derivatives may be used to implement investment strategies.

(Asset: SAA / Range)

  • Australian shares: 21% / 10-35%
  • International shares: 21% / 10-35%
  • Property: 3% / 0-20%
  • Alternatives: 10% / 0-30%
  • Fixed interest / cash: 45% / 20-70%