OptiMix Wholesale Moderate Trust - Class B Units

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PDS https://informedinvestor.com.au/view/pds/101333-2023-06-17-02:39.pdf
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INVESTMENT STYLE The Trust invests in a diversified portfolio of Australian and international assets, with a balance of growth and defensive assets.

The Trust aims to provide capital growth over the medium to long term by investing in a diversified portfolio with a balanced exposure to growth and defensive assets and to achieve total returns after fees in excess of the benchmark over a rolling five-year period

BENCHMARK Australian CPI + 4.0% p.a.
FUND SIZE Australian CPI + 4.0% p.a.
FEES 0.67% p.a.



Benefits of investing in OptiMix Wholesale Trusts

The Trust, which is part of the OptiMix Wholesale range of trusts, offers you a range of significant benefits and features including:

  • Potential for capital growth and income to help you meet your investment needs
  • Access to the OptiMix multi-manager approach to investment process, which provides a sound investment approach to achieve effective diversification and reliable returns. The investment process selects a range of specialist investment managers who have expertise in a particular asset class to find some of the best investment opportunities for the Trust
  • Investor flexibility as access to OptiMix via your master trust or wrap service gives you the ability to make flexible contributions and withdrawals

Ability to keep track of your investment as we supply your Service Operator with:

  1. ongoing distribution statements and transaction statements
  2. audited financial reports of the Trust.

Information about your investment in the Trust will be provided by your Service Operator. We will provide reports on the Trust to your Service Operator who may use these reports to provide you with their own regular reporting. Your Service Operator should be your first point of reference for any investor queries.


RISK LEVEL Medium to High

The Trust is suitable for investors seeking both income and capital growth through a well-diversified portfolio, with a medium level of risk tolerance



Key Features

About OptiMix Wholesale Multi-manager Trusts

The Trust is an OptiMix multi-manager trust that adopts an active investment approach, constructing portfolios on the basis of in-depth analysis and research conducted by the OptiMix investment team on capital markets and external managers.

The Trust investments

The OptiMix investment team and the specialist managers may invest in a range of assets, including fixed interest, Australian and international shares, property and alternative assets (which are assets that behave differently to the traditional asset classes just mentioned).

In order to gain exposure to the investment markets, the Trust may invest directly or indirectly via other unlisted trusts. The Trust will not incur additional management, entry or exit fees for this type of investing. In addition, the Trust's investment manager(s) may undertake forms of gearing by employing long/short strategies.


How we invest your money

The Trust invests in a diversified portfolio of Australian and international assets through a mix of managers, with a balance of growth and defensive assets. The Trust is actively managed in accordance with the OptiMix multi-manager investment process.

Asset allocation

(Asset: Benchmark / Range)

  • Cash: 6% / 0-25%
  • Fixed interest: 28% / 16-46%
  • Listed real assets*: 5% / 0-16%
  • Unlisted assets**: 3.5% / 0-14%
  • Australian shares: 16.5% / 3-33%
  • International shares***: 20% / 5-35%
  • Alternative investments#: 21% / 4-36%

* Property asset sector may include exposure to Australian direct property and Australian and international property securities.


The Trust may invest in derivatives, including futures, options, warrants and swaps to gain exposure to investment markets and to manage risks associated with market price, interest rate and currency fluctuations. Derivatives may also be used to hedge currency exposure associated with international investments.

Labour standards and environmental, social and ethical (ESG) considerations

We undertake a formal assessment of each underlying investment manager’s approach to the integration of ESG matters when assessing, selecting and monitoring investment managers, and actively encourage these managers to employ and enhance, where appropriate, their ESG integration practices.

Changing investments

We may change the Trust’s investments, objectives, strategies, the investment manager(s), asset allocation(s) and ranges (including by adding or removing asset classes) at any time without giving prior notice.