OnePath Wholesale Multi Asset Income Trust

About this Fund

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PDS https://informedinvestor.com.au/view/pds/101307-2023-06-17-02:38.pdf
FUND MANAGER OnePath Funds Management Limited
ASX Code
INVESTMENT STYLE The Trust invests in a diversified mix of Australian assets with a bias towards income producing growth assets.
INVESTMENT PROFILE The Trust aims to provide income and achieve returns (before fees, charges and taxes) that on average exceed inflation by at least 4.5% p.a., over periods of 10 years or more.
FEES 0.95% p.a.



Benefits of investing in the OnePath Wholesale Multi Asset Income Trust

The Trust, which is part of the OnePath Wholesale range of trusts, offers you a range of benefits and features including:

Potential for capital growth and income to help you meet your investment needs.

Investor flexibility as the Trust is open to both direct investors and indirect investors who wish to invest in the Trust via a master trust or a wrap service.

In addition, if you are a direct investor, the Trust offers the following benefits and features:

Online education through online material providing information on performance history, asset allocations, unit prices, market commentaries and updates as well as access to the necessary brochures and forms.

Ability to keep track of investments through:

  • `Account Access', our secure and easy to use online service available at onepath.com.au, which allows you to view account balances, recent transactions and transaction statements and update your personal details
  • regular transaction statements detailing your applications, withdrawals, opening and closing balances (including unit prices)
  • personalised annual taxation statements, providing all the relevant information required to complete your tax return including details of withdrawals
  • for the latest available information on the Trust, you can contact Customer Services, visit our website at onepath.com.au, speak to your financial adviser or email us at wholesale.unittrust@onepath.com.au. 


If you are an indirect investor, you should contact your financial adviser or Service Operator.


The Trust is suitable for investors seeking higher long-term returns through investing in a diversified mix of income producing asset classes with a bias towards growth assets.



Key Features

About the Fund

The Trust invests in a diversified mix of Australian assets with a bias towards income producing growth assets. The underlying investments are actively managed in accordance with a disciplined investment process.

The Trust aims to provide income and achieve returns (before fees, charges and taxes) that on average exceed inflation by at least 4.5% p.a., over periods of 10 years or more.

Investment management of the Trust

We have appointed:

  • Nikko AM Limited (Nikko AM) (ABN 99 003 376 252) as the active investment manager of the Australian shares strategy of the Trust;
  • Renaissance Property Securities Pty Ltd (Renaissance) (ABN 19 104 218 484) as the active investment manager of the property securities strategy of the Trust; and
  • UBS Asset Management (Australia) Ltd (UBS) (ABN 31 003 146 290) as the active investment manager of cash and Australian fixed interest strategies of the Trust.


 As part of this regular review, OnePath Funds Management may add or remove one or more underlying investment manager(s) at any time without prior notice.

The Investment Process

The Trust leverages the skill and investment processes of three underlying managers, Nikko AM, Renaissance and UBS.

Nikko AM believes the combination of an intrinsic value' philosophy and a dedication to objectively based research, whilst incorporating sound risk management, provides a strong basis for good long- term returns. Nikko AM uses an active style based on a strategy of objective, bottom-up stock selection determined by in-depth fundamental company research with a medium-term outlook.

Renaissance is an active, intrinsic value style AREIT manager. The Renaissance investment philosophy is that each security has an underlying or intrinsic value and that securities become mispriced relative to this value and they seek to exploit such market inefficiencies. Through dedicated in-depth research and disciplined investing, Renaissance seeks to profit over time via incremental trading in securities that have become mispriced relative to their underlying value.

UBS uses a price to intrinsic value process. UBS's price to intrinsic value investment philosophy pays great attention to investment fundamentals when assessing investments. UBS uses disciplined, repeatable processes to apply the philosophy systematically. The commitment to this philosophy keeps the portfolio grounded in fundamentals and creates opportunities to outperform.


How we invest your money

The Trust is an actively managed portfolio of cash and Australian fixed interest, property securities and Australian shares.

The Trust invests in a diversified mix of domestic assets. In order to gain exposure to the investment markets, the Trust may invest directly or indirectly via other unlisted trusts. The Trust will not incur additional management, entry or exit fees for this type of investing.

The fixed income assets of the Trust are predominantly of investment grade quality.

The portfolio will seek to benefit from the tax effectiveness that may result from tax deferred income from Australian property securities and dividend imputation from Australian shares.

Asset allocation

(Asset: Benchmark / Range)

  • Australian shares: 40% / 38-42%
  • Property securities: 30% / 28-32%
  • Australian fixed interest: 20% / 18-22%
  • Cash: 10% / 8-12%