Russell Investments Balanced Fund – Class A

About this Fund

Fund Detail

PDS https://informedinvestor.com.au/view/pds/101235-2024-03-29-02:29.pdf
FUND MANAGER Russell Investment Management
ASX Code
INVESTMENT STYLE The Option provides exposure to a diversified mix of predominantly growth oriented and some defensive assets.
INVESTMENT PROFILE The Option aims to provide returns over the medium to long term, with moderate to high volatility.
BENCHMARK Russell Balanced Index
FUND SIZE Russell Balanced Index
FEES 1.18% p.a.



Benefits of investing in KeyInvest Life Events Bonds

Tax effective

  • No tax to pay while you remain invested
  • Tax paid withdrawals after the 10 year period
  • Receive a valuable 30% tax offset, reducing tax payable, for withdrawals during the 10 year period
  • No Capital Gains Tax when switching between investment options
  • Ability to increase contributions by up to 125% per year and still withdraw funds after the 10 year period without personal tax  

Simplicity and ease of use

  • Start with as little as $100 and save monthly from $25.
  • A set and forget investment set aside for a specific life event
  • Earnings are not declared in a personal tax return while you remain invested for the 10 year period
  • Reduces paperwork. There is no need to track things like Capital Gains Tax, dividend payments and imputation credits
  • No preservation rules or work/test rules

Flexibility and choice

  • Access to a wide range of Fund Managers across all asset classes
  • Funds can be used for any purpose
  • Switch between investment options at any time without CGT
  • Access your funds at any time

Certainty in Estate Planning

  • Nominated beneficiaries receive funds tax free regardless if they are a dependant
  • Where beneficiaries have been nominated funds do not form part of the estate, avoiding the need to wait for probate
  • Beneficiary details can be updated at any stage
  • Ability to transfer the investment to a nominated child on the age you select. Note: must be between ages 10 - 25


Suitable for investors who are seeking to build wealth over
the medium to long term and are willing to accept the
possibility of negative returns over the shorter term.



Key Features

About KeyInvest Life Events Bonds

The KeyInvest Life Events Bond is a tax effective Investment designed to assist you in planning for life's major events without effecting your personal tax liability. Your investment can be accessed at any time without restriction and may be an ideal solution for:

  • Tax effective wealth accumulation
  • Saving for a child's education
  • Investing for a minor
  • An alternative or compliment to superannuation
  • Estate planning as all proceeds paid to beneficiaries are tax free

The tax on Investment Earnings of the LEB are paid by KeyInvest rather than by the LEB Owner.

The LEB puts you in control of who receives the proceeds of your investment. You can transfer the LEB to a child on a date selected by you, or can nominate specific Beneficiaries to receive your investment upon your death. Proceeds from your LEB are paid to Beneficiaries or your estate tax free.

You can access your money at any stage by lump sum withdrawals or a Regular Withdrawal Plan (RWP).

Investment choice

KeyInvest has selected a range of Investment Options so that you have choice to:

  • Build your own personalised investment mix by selecting from a number of specific asset classes.
  • Select a pre-mixed diversified Investment Option consistent with your risk appetite.
  • Establish a core/satellite approach. For example you could select the balanced option for the core 80% of the investment and a 20% satellite investment in the infrastructure option.

In addition KeyInvest allows you further choice with:

  • A significant range of low cost diversified and sector indexed options.
  • Premium single manager and multi manager diversified and sector options.
  • A selection of Australian Share Investment Options with different investment styles such as long short, geared, value, industrial and multi manager.
  • 2 dynamic Asset Allocation options, Active Cash and Active Diversified Geared.


How we invest your money

The underlying assets are typically invested in a diversified portfolio mix consisting of approximately 70% growth investments and approximately 30% defensive investments. Derivatives may be used to implement investment strategies.

Asset allocation



  • Cash: 0-15%
  • Australian fixed interest: 4-24%
  • Australian shares: 15-45%
  • International shares: 15-45%
  • International fixed interest: 3-23%
  • Emerging markets shares: 0-10%