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PDS https://informedinvestor.com.au/view/pds/101128-2022-03-09-17:34.pdf
FUND MANAGER MoneySpot Investments Limited
ASX Code
INVESTMENT STYLE The Fund will lend money to, or invest in unsecured notes issued by, ACL holders that participate in the small, medium and personal loan segment of the credit market.
INVESTMENT PROFILE The objective of the Fund is to provide regular distributions to investors at a target distribution rate of 12.8% per annum (pre-tax, post fund management fees and expenses).
FEES 1.40% p.a. of the net asset value of the Fund



Benefits of investing in the MoneySpot Investment Fund

Some of the benefits of investing in the Fund are summarised as follows:

  • Regular returns—we will endeavour to pay distributions on a monthly basis, subject to the availability of income. We are seeking to achieve a regular income return to Investors equal to 12.8 percent per annum (pre-tax post fund management fees and expenses). No returns are guaranteed.
  • Regular withdrawal offers—we will seek to make a withdrawal offer to each class of Units six months from the date of issue of that class. Our ability to make these offers is subject to the availability of sufficient assets to make the offers and to other risk factors set out below and in section 5.5 of the PDS.

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Key Features

About the Fund

A high return investment in high tech lending.

MoneySpot is at the forefront of new technology in money lending. All of our transactions happen online, are subject to approval and are only provided to gainfully employed people. Your investment in MoneySpot is spread across thousands of little loans all at once, so the risk of default is diversified away. With a 6 month minimum term and high returns, it makes a lot of sense to make MoneySpot part of your investment portfolio.

Help yourself by helping others.

Small loans are our business, what people use them for is their business. Investing in our business is good for everyone. The people who borrow from us do it for many reasons. Some borrow to pay for urgent dental treatment. Some to take advantage of an opportunity, and some simply because they need money fast. We've lent money for weddings, vet bills, school fees and even a much needed holiday.  We don't judge but we are responsible and we know we are simply there to help. And by investing with us, you'll be helping too. An investment in MoneySpot is an investment you can feel good about.

We want to use your money to make more money for you.

MoneySpot uses the money invested with us to lend money to thousands of retail customers through several different consumer loan brands. The loans we sell are small, up to $5000, and the term of the loan is less than five months in duration. As with any loan, the consumer pays interest and the profit generated goes to MoneySpot and our investors. We are responsible in our lending practice and more than 95% of our customers pay their loans back on time and in full. As we have said before, your investment in MoneySpot is spread across thousands of little loans all at once, so the risk of default is diversified away. Our targeted rate of return is 12.8%* - that's after we take out fees and charges - paid fully to you, with income paid monthly. And you can choose to redeem your investment after six months or roll it for another six months. It's up to you.

Your investment can start with as little as $1,000 but obviously the more you invest, the greater the returns.

Our track record speaks for itself.

If you haven't heard of MoneySpot before, don't worry. Many have gone before you to enjoy and join in our success. Our fully owned and licensed credit provider has been successfully raising money from investors and returning yields in excess of 12.4% per annum via the Marketlend wholesale investment platform since 2015. As of June 2017 we have conducted more than 30 separate offerings to over 1,300 registered investors who have funded more than $17 million in loans. To date, our licensed credit provider has lent over $25 million to over 12,000 individual customers whilst delinquency rates have fallen to below 5% on the amount borrowed. Risk is diversified amongst a large and growing pool of employed borrowers each making regular principal and interest or fee repayments, mostly weekly, over loan terms not more than 3 months.


How we invest your money

The Fund will lend money to, or invest in unsecured notes issued by, ACL holders that participate in the small, medium and personal loan segment of the credit market. The investments the Fund will make will be either the acquisition of unsecured short-term notes issued by the ACL holder with a duration of 6 to 12 months or short-term unsecured loans on similar terms.

The Fund will invest the first $100 million of investment monies it receives into unsecured notes issued by MoneySpot Finance, a related party of the RE's, for the primary purpose of funding the loan book of MoneySpot Finance. The initial investment monies that MoneySpot Finance raises through the issue of notes will be used to repay secured debt owed by MoneySpot Finance. Further information about this is contained in section 7.6(d) of the PDS.

Although the notes issued by MoneySpot Finance will be secured by a general security deed over MoneySpot Finance's present and after acquired property, the notes will be unsecured notes' pursuant to section 283BH of the Corporations Act.

The notes that MoneySpot Finance will issue will be for a face value of $1.00 per note at a coupon rate of approximately 15% per annum, although this may change over time in accordance with changes in credit markets. Interest on the notes will be payable monthly. The notes will have a maturity date of six months from the issue date, and they can be rolled over for another term of six months if some or all of the members in the Unit Class that relates to that note do not accept a withdrawal offer made by the RE prior to the maturity date of the note.

Target return

The RE is seeking to make regular income distributions at a target return rate of 12.8% per annum (pre-tax, post fees). Please note, this is a target and not a forecast. The target rate of 12.8% p.a. is the net return after the fund Management costs (1.075% of the value of the fund) and Expense recoveries (1.025% of the value of the fund). The Fund earns approximately 15% p.a. before its costs of 2.1% p.a. to reach a target return of 12.8% per annum to the investor. There are no additional fees levied by the fund on the investor. No returns are guaranteed.