Generations - BlackRock Australian Fixed Interest Index

About this Fund

Fund Detail

PDS https://informedinvestor.com.au/view/pds/101003-2023-09-29-02:27.pdf
FUND MANAGER BlackRock Investment Management (Australia)
ASX Code
INVESTMENT STYLE The Option seeks to track a bond index by matching the distribution of the risk and return factors of the index.
INVESTMENT PROFILE The Option seeks to provide investors with the performance of the market, before fees, as measured by the Bloomberg AusBond Composite 0+ year Index.
BENCHMARK Bloomberg AusBond Composite 0+ year Index
FUND SIZE Bloomberg AusBond Composite 0+ year Index
FEES 0.44% p.a. of the net assets of the Investment Option



Benefits of investing in the Generations Series

Generations gives you straightforward investments all in one place that you and your adviser can easily access online.

Generations may suit you if you're after:

  • a low-cost investment solution that's easy to use and understand
  • choice of investments so you can build a portfolio to suit your strategy
  • one place for super, pension and investments
  • flexibility, and
  • protection for you and your loved ones.


Here's what you get:

  • access to world-leading fund managers
  • simplified but comprehensive investment menu
  • low minimum account balance
  • all-inclusive prices with no unexpected charges
  • online access to your account and transactions via North Online
  • convenient and easy to use
  • access to a financial adviser
  • affordable and flexible insurance, and
  • tax benefits.



This product is intended for a consumer who is seeking capital preservation and regular income. It has a medium risk/return profile and is intended for use up to a core component of an investment portfolio.
It is likely to be consistent with the financial situation and needs of a consumer with a minimum investment timeframe of 3 years and who is unlikely to need to withdraw their money on less than one week’s notice.



Key Features

About the Fund

The Generations investment options are only available through Generations Personal Super and Personal Pension and the Generations Investment Portfolio. You must apply to invest in Generations through the separate Generations Personal Super and Personal Pension PDS or Generations Investment Portfolio IDPS guide. These are available from your financial adviser, from northonline.com.au/generations  or by calling the North Service Centre on 1800667841.

Generations offers four types of investment options:

  1. Six multi-manager diversified active options, which use a range of investment managers to provide diversification across asset classes, investment styles and investment managers
  2. Three multi-manager diversified index options, which provide low-cost diversified investment across a range of asset classes
  3. Three multi-manager sector options, which use a range of investment managers which invest in a single asset class to provide diversification across investment styles and investment managers, and
  4. 22 single manager options that allow you and your financial adviser to tailor your own portfolio or to add further diversity to a multi-manager strategy.


This range of investment options provides you with access to some of the world's leading investment managers in a way that allows you to diversify your investments broadly across assets, asset classes and investment styles. Importantly, the investment options enable you to achieve this diversification while consolidating those investments in a single, easy-to-manage portfolio.

Generations investment structure and returns

When you invest with Generations your money is pooled with that of other investors in managed investment schemes' (or managed funds). This pooling of money enables you to access investment opportunities you would generally not be able to access as an individual investor. Each Generations investment option is a separate managed fund.

Your money is invested in the investment option or options selected by you and your financial adviser. Each managed fund invests in underlying investments according to its investment objectives. The underlying investments are managed by each investment manager via their wholesale or retail investment fund or by a mandate arrangement.


How we invest your money

The Fund seeks to track a bond index by matching the distribution of the risk and return factors of the index. The tracking is accomplished through "stratified sampling which involves breaking the Index into "cells of securities that have similar risk and return factors and then building a portfolio to match the risk characteristics of each of these cells. The factors considered are interest-rate risk, credit risk and specific (security) risk.