Russell Investments International Shares Fund - Class A

About this Fund

Fund Detail

PDS https://informedinvestor.com.au/view/pds/100699-2023-10-26-02:47.pdf
FUND MANAGER Russell Investment Management
ASX Code
INVESTMENT STYLE The Fund invests predominantly in a broad range of international shares listed on stock exchanges in developed international markets.
INVESTMENT PROFILE The Fund seeks to provide a total return, before costs and tax, higher than the Benchmark over the long term.
CURRENCY MANAGEMENT Active management, maximum 10% hedged
BENCHMARK MSCI World Index - Net
FUND SIZE MSCI World Index - Net
FEES 0.98% p.a.



Benefits of investing in the Russell Investments International Shares Fund - Class A

Actively managed investment strategy: The Fund offers broad exposure to international shares, across a range of industry sectors. The investment strategy emphasises performance above the benchmark, while aiming to control risk. It is based on the same deep insights, high standards and stringent research we use working for many of the world's largest investors.

Deep global insights: The majority of investment opportunities reside outside of Australia. We operate a global business with specialists in the major markets around the world. We value local knowledge, building a dedicated team of over 300 professionals in 21 countries. We base our portfolio managers and manager researchers in the markets in which they work allowing them to better understand their portfolios, enabling quicker and more decisive action.

Best of breed approach: Embedded within our funds is an open architecture selection process, scouring the globe for investment opportunities, wherever they reside. Our analysts seek to identify superior investment manager talent through a proprietary research process based on objective analysis. This includes monitoring more than 4,000 investment manager firms. We combine decades of consulting experience, proprietary analytics and our renowned manager research to bring the optimal combination of managers in each asset class.

Risk level


Investor suitability

Suitable for investors seeking overseas share-like returns who have a long investment horizon and are willing to accept some currency risks. Investors must also be willing to accept the possibility of negative returns over the short to medium term.




Key Features

About the Fund

The Russell Investments International Shares Fund employs broad diversification with a multi-style, multi-manager and multi-strategy approach. This aims to capture sources of alpha while avoiding unnecessary risk at the total fund level and providing exposure to the international equities market.

Over 97% of the world's listed companies are located outside Australia. Investing in the Portfolio allows you to tap into the opportunities that lie outside of Australia, knowing that some of the world's best managers are looking after your investment.

The Russell Investments approach

The Russell Investments International Shares Fund (the Fund) employs a multi-style, multi-manager and multi-strategy approach. It is broadly diversified and provides an ideal vehicle for an investor's core exposure to international shares markets.

Global investment strategy

The Fund's managers invest across the global share markets aiming to identify the companies that will perform best in each industry, irrespective of their domicile.

The Fund invests in the major markets of the world but will also invest opportunistically in small cap securities and emerging markets to enhance returns.


How we invest your money

The Fund invests predominantly in a broad range of international shares listed on stock exchanges in developed international markets. The Fund may also be exposed to emerging market shares. Derivatives may be used to obtain or reduce exposure to securities and markets, to implement investment strategies and to manage risk.

Russell Investments draws from its list of hire ranked global managers and strategies using a variety of different styles and approaches to ensure diversification of risks, while maintaining return potential.

Russell Investments gives each manager specific risk controls at different levels, including country, sector, capitalisation, number of stocks held in the portfolio and style tilts, based on their individual styles and strengths. We believe this use of portfolio controls provides investors with access to aggressive, return-seeking managers and strategies within a risk- controlled environment.

Currency hedging

Currency hedging in the Fund is limited. Each manager has guidelines such that the Fund overall will not be more than 10% hedged. We limit hedging because currency exposure has been an important contributor to the diversification benefit of international investing, and the Fund's benchmark is not hedged. Consequently, in the absence of convincing evidence that managers can consistently add value from hedging, we limit this source of potential risk.

Asset allocation

  • The Fund may invest up to 100% in international shares.
  • The Fund may also invest up to 10% in cash.