Thorney Technologies

About this Fund

Fund Detail

FUND MANAGER Thorney Management Services
INVESTMENT STYLE TEK invests across a wide range of asset classes, and has a broad mandate to concentrate on technology related investments.
INVESTMENT PROFILE TEK seeks absolute returns over the medium to long term.
FEES 0.75% p.a.



Benefits of investing in TEK

  • Technology Focus: The Company will be repositioned to have a broad and open investment mandate, focused on technology related businesses and other businesses with disruptive business models.
  • Experienced Manager: The Company will appoint Thorney Management Services Pty Ltd, as investment manager. Thorney Management is also the investment manager of the listed Thorney Opportunities Ltd, which is an ASX-listed company with net tangible assets in excess of $120 million1.
  • An absolute return focus: The Company will pursue an absolute return focus over the medium to long term.
  • Exposure to listed and private businesses: The Company will have flexibility to invest in a wide range of investment opportunities covering listed and private companies, and a wide range of different types of securities, from shares, to convertible notes and other instruments.
  • Exposure to Australian and global opportunities: The Company will have the opportunity to invest in Australian and global business.
  • Investments across the business life-cycle: The Company will have the opportunity to invest across all stages of the business life cycle from start up to well established businesses.




Key Features

About the Fund

TEK is an ASX listed investment company that has a broad mandate to concentrate on technology related investments.

TEK is managed by the privately owned Thorney Investment Group [TIG] under a long-term investment management agreement. TIG has grown its own portfolio substantially over the past two decades and it is this same strategy that TEK employs as it carefully selects its investments. Through the investment management agreement TEK has access to the same investment team and deal flow as TIG and has already co-invested with TIG in a number of the investments that TEK has undertaken so far. 

Thorney Group

The Thorney Group was established by Mr Alex Waislitz in the 1990's and invests across many asset classes, both in Australia and globally.

Technology investment experience: Thorney Group has for many years invested in technology investment opportunities, both listed and private businesses, and Australian and global opportunities.

Thorney deal flow and network: Thorney Group has an extensive network in Australia and offshore, which generates extensive investment deal flow opportunities.

Exposure to offshore opportunities: Thorney Group has a range of existing investments in technology businesses in overseas markets, notably in Israel and the United States. Thorney Group 's network includes Israeli and Silicon Valley based venture capital firms, which generate investment opportunities.

Thorney team: Thorney Group has an active team focussed on sourcing, evaluating and structuring investment opportunities, and monitoring and assisting investments on an ongoing basis. The team comprises a group of professionals whose experience includes funds management, investment banking and stock broking.


How we invest your money

The proposed investment strategy to be adopted by the Company, pursuant to the terms of the Investment Management Agreement, will be to pursue absolute returns over the medium to long term. This is to be achieved by Thorney Management seeking opportunities from a wide range of asset classes, including investments in:

  • securities, whether or not quoted on a securities exchange, including notes, options, partly paid securities and convertible notes;
  • warrants, options, and other derivative contracts as well as short positions and arrangements and other similar financial instruments and arrangements;
  • interests in unit trusts, managed investment schemes or joint venture arrangements;
  • participation in underwriting and sub-underwriting of securities and units;
  • foreign exchange transactions or other hedging arrangements;
  • corporate debt securities and other fixed interest securities;
  • cash and bank deposits; and
  • other financial products to manage the Company's investment portfolio.

Thorney Management will have a broad mandate to consider investment opportunities, with a focus on technology opportunities and disruptive business models. Investments may span the life cycle of business from venture capital, start up, early stage businesses and pre-IPO to listed securities and well established businesses. Investments may include:

  • investments in businesses where technology plays a significant role in the business, to other businesses where technology may be an enabler of the business; and
  • businesses (including well established businesses) and start-ups that adopt a new business model, including potentially a disruptive business model (regardless of whether technology plays a significant role).

The Company and Thorney Management may also consider investments in a wide range of opportunities including:

  • investments listed on a recognized stock exchange;
  • investments in unlisted securities;
  • investments in a fund or other structure that in turn has an investment focus;
  • investments in securities or a direct investment in an underlying business or asset; and
  • investments whether Australian based or not.