Bentley Capital

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FUND MANAGER Bentley Capital
INVESTMENT STYLE BEL has a focus on several key investment sectors which the Board believes offer the opportunity to collectively generate overall returns for shareholders.
INVESTMENT PROFILE BEL aims to achieve a high real rate of return over the medium term, ideally comprising both revenue and capital growth, whilst operating within acceptable risk parameters.
BENCHMARK S&P/ASX All Ordinaries Index
FUND SIZE S&P/ASX All Ordinaries Index
FEES 1.00% p.a



Bentley Capital Limited (ASX Code: BEL) invests its own balance sheet capital into an investment strategy with the following features:

  • Strategic activist and cornerstone stakes in ASX small-cap listed companies
  • We also consider private businesses, assets and projects where an exit event is likely and foreseeable
  • Generally we seek deep value at the entry price, taking advantage of temporary undervalued situations, companies with cash backing, or where optionality is embedded in the share price due to the value of assets being overlooked
  • The opportunity for our entry may often be due to a special situation or event
  • While we seek value investments, the underlying business or asset must also have significant capital growth potential, often unrecognised by the wider market
  • We prefer to have input into strategic direction, often including board representation.




Key Features

About the Fund

Bentley Capital Limited is a strategic investment company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. (ASX).

We are focused on investing our capital and our skills into emerging companies with strong capital growth potential. We generally take a substantial equity stake in selected companies and we target a small number of investments within the portfolio.

We favour investing in ASX listed companies but we also consider equity positions in private businesses and projects with a foreseeable commitment to ASX listing or other exit. 

We are not an equities fund manager nor are we a venture capital or private equity firm. Our investment strategy is unique in that we look for companies that are generally not on the radar of traditional professional investors and which offer both deep value on entry but also significant near-term upside. 

Accordingly we are focused on growth sectors such as resources, energy, technology and services. We have a global mandate.

Our primary objective is to generate outstanding absolute returns for the benefit of our shareholders.


How we invest your money

All investment decisions of the Company are approved by the Investment Committee. The Investment Committee reports to the Board of Directors. Investments above a specific threshold must also be approved by the Board.

The Investment Committee is focussing its activities on several key well defined investment sectors which it believes offer the opportunity to collectively generate overall returns for shareholders materially in excess of the benchmark ASX All Ordinaries Index (XAO). These sectors are:

  • Strategic investments in listed companies with either an active or passive participation;
  • Corporate financing;
  • Promotion of IPO's; and
  • Participation in, and funding of, corporate restructurings. 

The nature of the above investment activities is such that the successful identification and execution of any one such investment may take considerable time and effort. Therefore it is anticipated that only a relatively small number of such investments may be made in any one year. However, the collective return on investment from such investments, if correctly executed, is anticipated to have a significant positive impact on the overall performance of the Company. 

Bentley continues to have the majority of the Company's funds held under management by Sydney based fund manager, CBG Asset Management Limited (Formerly FSP Equities Management), in the CBG Fund (Formerly FSP Fund). The objective of the fund is to outperform the S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index over the medium term. The investment manager is "style neutral and invests in growth stocks, value stocks, stocks with maintainable dividend yields and special situations. 

Bentley intends progressively reducing its investment in the CBG Fund, as funds are deployed into various direct and strategic investments under its stated Investment Strategy. Bentley will however maintain an exposure to the market whilst funds are not fully deployed under such strategy by retaining funds in the CBG Fund.