Morningstar Multi-Asset Real Return Fund - Class A

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Fund Detail

PDS https://informedinvestor.com.au/view/pds/100522-2023-02-17-02:37.pdf
FUND MANAGER Morningstar Investment Management Australia
ASX Code
INVESTMENT STYLE The Fund is a multi-asset Fund designed to take full advantage of current market valuations by investing in a high conviction portfolio of the most attractive assets on a reward for risk basis.
INVESTMENT PROFILE The fund aims to earn a rate of return that exceeds the Benchmark by at least 4.0% p.a. over a rolling 7 year periods.
BENCHMARK Consumer Price Index
FUND SIZE Consumer Price Index
FEES 0.75% p.a.



Benefits of investing in the Morningstar Multi-Asset Real Return Fund - Class A

The significant benefits of investing in the Fund include:

Experience and global resources

The Fund is managed by our Australian investment professionals comprising experienced portfolio managers, analysts and asset allocation specialists. They are supported by the extensive research resources of the global Morningstar business.

Focus on investor's real return objectives

The Fund is managed with an investment objective to grow an investor's savings above a clearly defined rate of inflation.

Maximising capital preservation

Our risk management approach is designed to preserve capital in adverse markets by focusing on assets with higher reward for risk. By preferring undervalued assets, we aim to deliver more consistent returns with lower drawdown risk and preserve investors' savings.

Valuation driven asset allocation

Our asset allocation approach utilises our global valuation driven asset allocation framework which provides the flexibility to take advantage of investment opportunities as and when they arise.

Risk level


Investor suitability

The Fund is designed for investors who seek the potential for capital growth over the medium to long term by investing in a diversified multi-asset portfolio. The level of growth and defensive assets may change considerably throughout the investment cycle.




Key Features

About the Fund

A multi-asset Fund designed to take full advantage of current market valuations by investing in a high conviction portfolio of the most attractive assets on a reward for risk basis. Unlike more traditional diversified funds, the Fund is not constrained by a specific strategic benchmark or index. Underpinning the portfolio is an overarching focus on capital preservation over the targeted investment horizon. To construct the portfolio, the Fund can hold investments in managed funds, direct securities, exchange traded funds, foreign exchange contracts and derivatives. The composition of the Fund, including exposure to growth and defensive assets, is expected to change over time, taking advantage of opportunities arising from mispriced markets.

Morningstar's Diversified solutions - both Managed Funds and Managed Accounts have been designed to meet the needs of investors, across all risk profiles. Morningstar's Diversified solutions are your gateway to Morningstar's asset allocation and capital markets research, multi-asset portfolio construction, security selection and manager research expertise. Our disciplined investment process combined with expert implementation ensures you are invested in today's best investment opportunities. These investment solutions have been designed to align with the needs of investors; increasing wealth, while aiming to preserve capital through every stage of the market cycle.


How we invest your money

The Fund adopts a multi-asset investment strategy that can access what we consider to be the most attractively valued investment opportunities globally. The Fund's Valuation Driven Asset Allocation approach takes advantage of current investment opportunities in all market conditions.

The Fund aims to deliver a defined return above inflation (real return') whilst focusing on capital preservation in potentially adverse market environments.

Asset allocation

Growth assets: 0%-100%

  • Australian shares;
  • International shares (including regional, country or sector allocations);
  • Global property securities (including international, regional and Australian REITs); and
  • Global listed infrastructure.

Alternative Investments: 0%-25%

  • Alternative strategies (including long/short strategies, macro strategies and equity volatility strategies);
  • Alternative assets (including insurance linked securities, commodities, listed private equity and foreign currencies); and
  • Other assets expected to act as diversifying investments with reference to the core equity and government bond markets.

Income and defensive assets: 0%-100%

  • Corporate bonds and bank loans;
  • High yield debt
  • Government bonds;
  • Inflation linked bonds; and
  • Cash.