Invesco Wholesale Global Targeted Returns Fund- Class A

About this Fund

Fund Detail

PDS https://informedinvestor.com.au/view/pds/100342-2022-03-19-02:29.pdf
FUND MANAGER Invesco Asset Management
ASX Code
INVESTMENT STYLE The Fund invests in the Invesco Global Targeted Returns Fund - Class I (distributing) a sub-fund of Invesco Funds, SICAV, that is hedged in Australian Dollars.
INVESTMENT PROFILE The Fund seeks to achieve a positive total return in all market conditions, targeting a gross return of cash +5% p.a. with less than half the volatility of global equities over rolling three-year periods.
CURRENCY MANAGEMENT Hedged (in the Underlying Fund)
BENCHMARK Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index (Australian pooled Fund) / Euribor 3M (underlying Luxembourg strategy)
FUND SIZE Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index (Australian pooled Fund) / Euribor 3M (underlying Luxembourg strategy)
FEES 0.55% p.a.



Benefits of investing in the Invesco Wholesale Global Targeted Returns Fund- Class A

Capital growth

  • Total return objective of cash +5% p.a. (before fees) over rolling three-year periods, or equity-like returns over the long term.

Capital stability

  • Aims to deliver returns with less than half the volatility of global equities over the same rolling three-year periods.

Complementary investments

  • Invests in ideas from a variety of asset types within a single, highly diversified portfolio.

Value for money

  • Very competitive flat fee with no performance based fee.

Access to money

  • Priced daily with daily liquidity.

Know what you own

  • Clarity and certainty about what the Fund invests in.

Trusted investment manager

  • Invesco is a truly independent global asset manager listed on the New York Stock Exchange.




Key Features

About the Fund

The Fund, managed by Invesco's UK-based Multi Asset team, is a benchmark-agnostic, multi-asset offering that explores fundamental themes and ideas and blends them together into an appropriately diversified and risk-managed portfolio. Each investment idea is evaluated over a 2-3 year time frame, and each idea is constructed based on its own valuation and fundamental attributes.

The Fund typically comprises 20-30 investment ideas including both relative value and directional trades across a wide range of assets, broadly categorised as equities, rates, currencies, credit and volatility. This includes investing in warrants, collective investment schemes, commodities and derivatives across established, developing or emerging markets.

Investment Objective

The Fund aims to achieve a positive total return in all market conditions over a rolling three-year period. By investing in the Class I (distributing) (Australian dollar hedged) of the Underlying Fund, the Fund targets a gross return of 5% per annum above the Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bill Index and aims to achieve this with less than half the volatility of global equities (referencing the MSCI World Index), over the same rolling three-year period. This is a statement of objective only and there is no guarantee that the Fund will achieve a positive return or its volatility target.

About the Investment Manager

Invesco Asset Management Limited (IAM' or the Investment Manager') also forms part of Invesco Ltd, and is located in Perpetual Park in Henley-on-Thames in the United Kingdom. IAM is the investment manager for the Underlying Fund.

IAM's Multi Asset team, being located at Invesco Perpetual's world class investment centre, leverages the cross-asset class expertise of the likeminded investment professionals that surround them as well as Invesco group's global and local investment expertise. The Multi Asset team do not manage any strategies other than the Global Targeted Returns strategy.


How we invest your money

The Fund invests in the Underlying Fund, and aims to be as close to fully invested as practical at all times. It may hold up to 5% of its assets in cash.

The Underlying Fund seeks to achieve its objective by combining a number of individual investment ideas in a risk-managed portfolio.

Each idea is selected based on a 2-3 year investment horizon from across economic areas and from different asset types including, but not limited to equities, credit, interest rates, currencies, commodities, inflation, real estate securities and/or volatility. The investment ideas are selected by the Investment Manager after extensive research, which incorporates their central economic thesis, analytical outputs and the views of other investment professionals within the organisation.

The implementation of the investment ideas in the Underlying Fund can take two different forms: (i) market exposure, which can be taken via investment in eligible collective investment schemes or directly in eligible assets or by (ii) the use of Derivatives, which includes but is not limited to directional long/short or pair trades. Some ideas can use a combination of direct exposure and Derivatives to achieve the desired outcome.

Asset ranges for the Underlying Fund

The Underlying Fund can invest in a range of assets and indices or may invest via UCITS.

  • Eligible equities (ie. global equities that are eligible for investment by UCITS funds: 0-100%
  • Equity related securities or Derivatives: 0-100%
  • Debt securities (including those issued by corporate bodies, governments and/or supranational institutions) or Derivatives: 0-100%
  • Real estate investments trusts (REITs) or Derivatives: 0-100%
  • Units of UCITS and/or other UCIs (including but not limited to exchange traded funds): 0-100%
  • Cash and Cash Equivalents: 0-100%
  • Money Market instruments and any other eligible instrument which could include indirect exposure to commodities: 0-100%

There is no restriction or bias in relation to geographic location of any assets of the Underlying Fund.