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About this Fund

Fund Detail

PDS https://informedinvestor.com.au/view/pds/100076-2023-08-02-02:47.pdf
FUND MANAGER T. Rowe Price Australia
ASX Code
INVESTMENT STYLE High conviction, truly global equity portfolio seeking to invest in companies with above-average and sustainable growth characteristics.
INVESTMENT PROFILE The Fund's objective is to provide long-term capital appreciation.
BENCHMARK MSCI All Country World Index ex Australia (unhedged)
FUND SIZE MSCI All Country World Index ex Australia (unhedged)
FEES 0.94% p.a.



Benefits of Investing in the T. Rowe Price Global Equity Fund

An investment in the Fund provides the following benefits and features:

  • exposure to larger capitalization global equities that are representative of the highest conviction securities held across sector and/or regional portfolios managed by T. Rowe Price
  • access to the expertise of T. Rowe Price which has a team of senior investment professionals that have a long track record investing in sector or regional specialty portfolios and that provide investment insights and facilitate the comparison of stocks on a global basis (TRP Global Equity Investment Team). The extensive experience of the TRP Global Equity Investment Team is invaluable in its ability to effectively identify strong investment candidates from the universe of potential mid- to large-cap securities.
  • access to the research of the firm's global research platform of regional and sector specialists. The diversity of the team and their involvement in the industries they cover ensure they are experts in their respective sectors.
  • portfolios are constructed from the bottom-up, and T. Rowe Price looks for companies with the potential either for growth or relative improvement, located in industries where the outlook is becoming more attractive. T. Rowe Price believes bottom-up stock selection supported by proprietary, fundamental research can uncover and exploit anomalies among global equities, and is the key driver of value-added active management. T. Rowe Price's focus and commitment to fundamental research gives the firm an information edge that is a powerful competitive advantage.
RISK LEVEL High There is a risk investors may lose some or all of their initial investment. Higher risk investments tend to fluctuate in the short term but can produce higher returns than lower risk investments over the long term. This grading is not intended to be a guarantee of any actual level of risk or an indication of likely returns.

The Fund may be suitable for investors seeking the potential for moderate capital appreciation over time and greater diversification for their equity investments and can accept the volatility associated with investing in equities as well as the special risks that accompany global investing.



Key Features

Investment objective

The Fund's objective is to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in a portfolio of securities of companies which are traded, listed or due to be listed, on recognised exchanges and/or markets throughout the world. The portfolio may include investments in the securities of companies traded, listed or due to be listed, on recognised exchanges and/or markets, of developing countries.

Investment Style and Approach

The investment process involves determining the Fund's investment universe, which includes companies traded, listed or due to be listed, on recognised exchanges and/or markets, of countries which T. Rowe Price has determined are developed or developing countries.

T. Rowe Price leverages the proprietary Fundamental Research and analysis performed by the organisation's integrated worldwide network of more than 100 equity investment professionals to identify highly recommended companies. T. Rowe Price engages investment professionals to identify superior investment ideas, assess opportunities in a global sector context, overlay macroeconomic and local market factors to refine industry and company analysis, and select what they believe to be investments with the most attractive risk-reward characteristics.

The portfolio manager is actively involved with the network of equity investment professionals during the idea generation and refinement process. Ultimately, the portfolio manager applies judgment to construct a focused global portfolio consisting of the highest conviction investment ideas, typically a minimum of 90 holdings, within a diversified framework of country, sector and company guidelines.


Asset Allocation

The assets of the Fund will generally be invested in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • The Fund aims to invest in a portfolio of approximately 130-160 securities of companies which are traded, listed or due to be listed, on recognised exchanges and/or markets throughout the world.
  • The Fund may invest a portion of its portfolio in the securities of companies established, or conducting a significant part of their business activity, in countries which T. Rowe Price considers to be developing countries.
  • The Fund's foreign currency exposures may be hedged up to 10% of the Fund. These hedges will not be made against the Australian dollar but rather will generally be made against the US dollar. The portfolio manager does not anticipate hedging to be a permanent feature of the Fund nor view currency as a primary source of generating returns.
  • The Fund may invest in derivatives to gain exposure to certain assets and markets.
  • The Fund aims to be fully invested in equities however at times the Fund may hold cash or cash equivalents for transactional purposes.

Due to movements in the market or similar events, the guidelines set out above may not be adhered to from time to time. In these circumstances, the Investment Manager will seek to bring the Fund's investments within the guidelines within a reasonable period of time.