La Trobe Select Investment Account

About this Fund

Fund Detail

PDS https://informedinvestor.com.au/view/pds/100036-2022-09-30-02:32.pdf
FUND MANAGER La Trobe Financial Services
ASX Code
INVESTMENT STYLE The product invests primarily in loans.
INVESTMENT PROFILE The product aims to provide Investors with reasonably stable and predictable income based generally on fixed rates of return over a set period on a monthly basis.
DISTRIBUTION FREQUENCY Determined by investment selected
FEES 1.53% p.a. (estimated)



3 reasons to invest with La Trobe Financial

  1. Experience and size - managing funds for over 65 years, over 300 staff and over $2.7 billion in the Credit Fund.
  2. Stability - our aim is for regular monthly income, with capital stability, audited by KPMG and externally rated.
  3. Performance - proven performance in every economic cycle with a track record second to none, receiving Australian and International Awards.

Start earning with just $1,000 minimum:

  • your investments are secured by a registered first mortgage over property in Australia
  • individualised loans sourced by La Trobe Financial
  • detailed summary of investment provided to investors by way of a supplementary product disclosure statement (SPDS). You choose term and yield.
  • you decide whether and how much to invest in a loan
  • returns paid monthly
  • no entry or exit fees (if investment held to maturity)
  • personal service from our 200 specialist staff
  • the security of a manager with over 65 years' experience and $12 billion managed

Risk level



  • a stable investment that generates income
  • portfolio diversification




Key Features

About the Fund

The Select Investment Account offers you fixed or variable rates of return and the opportunity to choose the mortgage investments in which you invest. You select which mortgage investment suits you, based on information about the mortgage investment, its term and interest rate, the security property and the borrower. You receive the benefits and the rights that attach to the mortgage investment that you select and are exposed to its specific risks. You are not required to fund the full loan amount.

Investment objective and strategy

The Select Investment Account aims to provide Investors with reasonably stable and predictable income based generally on fixed rates of return over a set period on a monthly basis, investing primarily in loans.

The Select Investment Account provides less diversification of investment income and access to your funds for each individual investment than the 12 Month Term Account. However, you have the benefit of selecting the investment yourself and the potential to achieve higher returns.


How we invest your money

To optimise performance in a range of market conditions, the Fund's portfolio is diversified at a number of levels, including:

  • number of loans;
  • size of loans;
  • loan sector e.g. residential, commercial etc;
  • geographic location; and
  • interest rate type and level.

Asset allocation

The Select Investment Account is invested in residential, commercial, retail, rural, construction and development and industrial real estate loans secured by registered first mortgage. As investments mature and capital is partially or fully released, your money will be placed into your Classic 48 hour Account, until you select another investment in which to invest.

If an individual borrower seeks to renew a loan in which you are invested for a further term, the loan will be re-submitted to you by way of another SPDS for your consideration and approval. Provision of the SPDS to Investors will generally occur prior to maturity but it is dependent on completion of our credit assessment. There will be no obligation on you to approve the renewed loan and if you do not so approve, your money will be placed in your Classic 48 hour Account or as directed by you, subject to discharge, refinance of the loan by the borrower, or location of a replacement Investor. If a borrower is unable to repay the loan at maturity, we will take the appropriate action to protect your interests. This may include legal action, informal loan extensions and any other action we deem necessary. We will write to you in such cases.

Commencement of earnings

Following completion and lodgement of the Application Form, your investment will be deposited into the Classic 48 hour Account and will start earning an investment return immediately. Earnings on your Select Investment Account will commence on settlement of the loan, or, if you invest post-settlement, on the date of your investment.

Investment term

The investment term is agreed to by you following disclosure of the investment term in the SPDS. The usual term is between 12-24 months, although longer terms are available.