Ausbil 130-30 Focus Fund - Wholesale Class

Dividend investing amid rising inflation
Ten years on from the Rana Plaza disaster

About this Fund

Fund Detail

PDS https://informedinvestor.com.au/view/pds/100034-2023-11-28-02:19.pdf
FUND MANAGER Ausbil Investment Management Limited
ASX Code
INVESTMENT STYLE The Fund invests primarily in listed Australian securities (long and short) and international securities.
INVESTMENT PROFILE The aim of the Fund is to outperform the Benchmark over the long term.
BENCHMARK S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index
FUND SIZE S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index
FEES 1.05% p.a. of the Fund's gross asset value (inclusive of the net effect of GST)



Benefits of investing in the Ausbil 130/30 Focus Fund

Investing in the Fund offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Exposure to long and short positions in companies: access to a portfolio of long and short positions in large and mid-capitalised companies that individual investors may not be able to invest in directly on their own.
  • Diversification:the potential to diversify an investment portfolio.
  • Experienced team:access to Ausbil's highly experienced investment management team with a proven track record.
  • Expertise:access to the Australian investment expertise and knowledge of the Ausbil investment management professionals, who combine company level research with top down economic analysis with a disciplined approach to portfolio construction.
  • Regular reporting:direct investors can keep track of their investments through Ausbil's secure client website, www.ausbil.com.au. In addition direct investors, will receive regular unitholder statements and an annual tax statement.

Risk level

Very high (SRM 7)

Very high risk of losing money in any year. Likely to produce higher returns over the long term.

Investor suitability

Investors in the Fund are exposed to risks at both the company level and market level. The key risks and how they are managed are set out in the PDS.




Key Features

Description of Fund

The Fund is a concentrated equity fund which primarily invests in listed or expected to be listed Australian securities that are generally chosen from the S&P/ASX 200 Index. The Fund may also use short selling. The Fund may invest in companies listed on international exchanges, including Australian companies listed overseas. The Fund may also invest in exchange traded derivatives and cash or cash equivalents.

Key features of the strategy

  • fundamental process with quantitative inputs
  • target allocation of 130% Long, 30% short
  • short positions generally comprise either a pairs trade or fundamental shorts
  • short positions individually managed from an absolute risk management perspective
  • security lending arrangement that significantly reduces client counter-party risk.

Investment strategy

The Fund primarily invests in a portfolio of ASX listed or about to be listed, Australian securities (long and short) that are generally chosen from the S&P/ASX 200 Index. The Fund may invest in companies listed on international exchanges (long and short), including Australian companies listed overseas. The Fund may also invest in exchange traded derivatives and cash or cash equivalents.

The Fund does not leverage by borrowing cash. Short selling may be used to expand the range of available investment opportunities and achieve returns when share prices are expected to go down. Exchange traded derivatives may be used for managing risk.


How we invest your money

The Fund can invest in securities, known as a long' equity exposure. The Fund will hold between 25-50 securities for its long equity exposure.

The Fund uses short selling with the aim of enhancing returns. Ausbil shorts securities

by borrowing a securities from a securities lender then selling them in the market in the expectation that they will be repurchased at a price lower than the initial sale price and then returned to the securities lender. The Fund will hold a maximum of 25 securities for its short' equity exposure.

The Fund will target long' equity positions of 130% and short' equity positions of 30%, although Ausbil will have the ability to move within the ranges set out below. In aggregate, short equity positions may range between 0% and 50% and long equity positions may range between 80% and 150%. The target net equity exposure is expected to be approximately 100% and the maximum allowable exposure to cash is 20%.

The Fund may use exchange traded derivatives for the purpose of managing risk. In all cases there will be cash and/or underlying assets available to meet the exposure positions of the derivative instruments.

Asset classes and asset allocation ranges

(Asset class: Minimum - Maximum)

  • Long equity positions: 80% - 150%
  • Short equity positions: 0% - 50%
  • Net equity exposure*: 80% - 100%
  • Gross equity exposure**: 80% - 200%
  • Australian listed equities: 65% - 150%
  • International listed equities: 0% - 15%
  • Exchange traded derivatives: 0% - 50%
  • Cash and cash equivalents: 0% - 20%

*Net equity exposure is the total long equity position minus the total short equity positions.

**Gross equity exposure is the total long equity position plus the total short equity positions.

Diversification guidelines or limits

The Fund's diversification guidelines are as follows:

(Constraints: Ranges)

  • Individual security exposure - relative to index: +10% / -6%
  • Aggregate maximum company exposure of issued capital: 10%
  • Index sector positions***: +15% / -15%
  • Long equity security holdings: 25 - 50
  • Short equity security holdings: 0 - 25
  • Maximum non-index individual security position: +3% / -3%

***Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) Level 2, Except Materials GICS Level 4.