Centuria Growth Bond Fund

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PDS https://informedinvestor.com.au/view/pds/100021-2024-07-12-02:20.pdf
FUND MANAGER Centuria Life
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The Centuria Growth Bond Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of assets with a majority of growth assets such as Australian and international shares, property and alternative assets.


To provide investors with growth from capital appreciation and income over the long-term.The fund will typically have higher exposure to growth assets than the Centuria Balanced Fund.

FEES 1.50% p.a.



Benefits of Centuria Investment Bonds

Invest tax-effectively

Centuria pays tax on the investment earnings at the company tax rate of 30%, no matter what your personal taxable income and marginal tax rate is.

If you hold your Bond for more than 10 years, you pay no personal income tax on withdrawals.

Build your wealth

You can make additional contributions (up to 125% of the value of total contributions made in the previous Bond Year) and retain your tax-free withdrawal position calculated from the start of your Bond.

Your Bond growth is reflected in the unit price for Unit-Linked Options and in the bonuses allocated to your Bond annually for the Capital Guaranteed Option. Income is reinvested so you get the benefit of compounding returns. And, you are not personally taxed on the accruing returns.


There are seven Unit-Linked Options to choose from  and one Capital Guaranteed Option.

You can switch between any, or all, of the Unit-Linked and the Capital Guaranteed Options without attracting any personal tax or impacting your 10 year tax period.


You can access your funds at any time.

Only if you withdraw within the first 10 years may some of the growth be assessable.


Your Bond can be used to meet your investment and savings goals. It can also be used for tax-effective retirement savings, without the limitations of superannuation, or it can be used to give you certainty in estate planning.


Your Bond is a simple savings solution without any administration burden. You won't have to complete tax returns or keep ongoing tax records. We don't even require your tax file number. Because we handle the tax, you can set and forget your Bond.

Peace of mind

Your Bond can be used for estate planning. Where you are both the Bond Owner and Life Insured, you can nominate multiple beneficiaries to receive a specific share of the investment proceeds on your passing.

Your Bond is a smart way to avoid the potential complications of wills. And the investment proceeds are tax-free in the hands of dependant and non-dependant beneficiaries, irrespective of the start date of your Bond.

As your Bond is technically a life insurance policy, your investment funds can be safe from creditors if you face bankruptcy.

Risk Level
Moderate to High




Key Features

Centuria's Investment Bonds are designed for investors seeking a tax-effective investment over the medium to long term. The Bonds are intended for individuals who want simplicity in their investment, tax planning and estate planning needs covered in one tax-effective investment. Centuria's Investment Bonds have a range of Investment Options that are referred to as Bonds. The PDS provides details about Centuria Investment Bonds.

If you have a goal, we have the strategy

Are you building wealth, saving for a property, setting aside an education fund? Do you want to complement your superannuation strategy with a more flexible investment?

Centuria Investment Bonds give investors with medium- to long-term goals the capacity to make tax-effective investment decisions outside superannuation.

Tax paid for you

The growth and earnings of Centuria Investment Bonds are taxed at a maximum rate of 30%, paid by Centuria from the earnings of each Bond.

Tax-free after 10 years

You pay no personal income tax on your investment during the Term, and if you hold your investment for more than 10 years, you pay no tax on withdrawals. You can make once-only, or regular contributions and benefit from the advantages of compound growth to create long-term wealth.

We do not distribute any income until you withdraw your investment. Each Bond's net investment earnings are automatically reinvested, which means you benefit from compounding returns.

No annual tax reporting

As long as your money remains invested, we will pay tax on investment earnings and there is no requirement to declare those earnings in your annual tax reporting.


Establish your investment. We pay the tax and report to you annually. No tax declarations, and no more paperwork.


There are no limits on contributions in the first year and you can contribute up to 125% of the previous year's contributions after that without changing the original start date of your Bond for tax purposes. There are no limits on withdrawals. You can make once-only or regular contributions and withdrawals whenever you like. You can use your Bond to build wealth for the future, supplement your income or save for that big expense.


You can nominate beneficiaries who will receive the proceeds of the Bond without reference to your will. This provides peace of mind knowing your intended beneficiaries will be looked after.


How we invest your money

The Growth Bond invests in a diversified portfolio of assets with the majority of assets in growth assets such as Australian and International shares and property. Exposure to property may include both direct real property investments and investments in listed and unlisted property securities. The Bond will also invest in some income producing assets such as fixed interest and cash. This investment strategy typically aims to hold 70% growth assets and 30% defensive assets.

Asset Allocation*



  • Australian Shares: 0-60%
  • International Shares: 0-50%
  • Property: 0-33%
  • International Fixed Interest: 0-85%
  • Australian Fixed Interest: 0-95%
  • Cash: 1-15%
  • Alternative Assets: 0-15%



*Asset allocations may be altered within the Allowable Range without prior written notice to you when the change does not alter the risk profile of the Bond.


We may borrow against the assets of the Growth Bond only for the purpose of providing short-term finance for this Bond. Generally, our policy is not to borrow against the assets of this Bond.

The Bond Rules do not permit us to borrow against the assets of the other Bonds.

Use of derivatives

We and/or the underlying investment managers may use derivatives, such as futures and options, for hedging purposes and/or to implement a Bond's investment strategy. However, we and/or the underlying investment managers will not use derivatives for gearing purposes or speculative activities. If derivatives are used, it is on the basis that the relevant Centuria Investment Bond can always meet its commitments without having to borrow.