Battery technology and lithium webinar, June 2023




The global end-to-end supply chain for batteries, lithium, and EVs. How can Australian investors get access to this global investment thematic?

Many Australians own shares in Australian lithium explorers or miners, but very few have diversified exposure to the broader global end-to-end supply chain, including international miners and producers, spodumene processors, lithium battery manufacturers as well as e-vehicle manufacturers. The pullback in lithium prices appears to also be presenting a new entry point opportunity for those investors who are bullish on this broader investment thematic for the next few years.

Presenters: Blair Hannon and Blair Kirkhope.

Blair Hannon is Head of Investment Strategy at Global X ETFs. Blair is an experienced financial services professional with over 15 years of experience across investment management, high net worth advice, distribution and presenting, with a focus on equities, fixed income, passive and active funds and alternatives. Welcome Blair Hannon.

Blair Kirkhope is Head of Sequoia Specialist Investments. Blair is an experienced financial markets professional with a strong tax background covering 11 years of front office experience in the investment banking sector, specialising in equity and commodity derivatives, structured investment solutions, portfolio risk management solutions and equity finance.

Our presenters will discuss two investment opportunities currently allowing investors to get access to a broadly diversified international portfolio of stocks providing access to the broader global end-to-end battery supply chain.

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