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HGL is an active investment company which invests in small to medium size businesses with a sustainable competitive advantage and strong growth prospects, providing them with specialist business management skills and equity capital to leverage these growth opportunities.

Our core purpose is to create shareholder value through active long-term ownership in our portfolio businesses, driving sustainable growth through a strong focus on customers and employees.

HGL Limited is proud of its longevity and uniquely Australian story.

Our origins can be traced to pre-federation when Thomas Hancock, together with his sons Josias and Thomas Junior, migrated to Queensland from Cornwall in 1855 and established a sawmill in the Ipswich area in 1867.

The business grew steadily and by 1886 Hancock & Sons employed 274 people. Joseph Gore, who had arrived in Australia from Wiltshire England in 1885, joined Hancock & Sons in a management position in 1901.

The business flourished and Hancock & Gore Ltd was incorporated in 1904, and subsequently listed on the Brisbane Stock Exchange.

Since that incorporation, Hancock & Gore Ltd has had several iterations, to bring it to its present day identity of HGL Limited. The key events of this story are listed on the following timeline.