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Wealth is flowing towards those with sophisticated financial expertise, technological skills and the entrepreneurs.  Massive structural change is affecting society.  Which end of the stick do you want to be on?  I am not saying this is a good development for society.  I am saying you can learn these skills too and perhaps that is a good idea.  GoldOz provides a unique subscriber only education service suitable for intermediate level investors, yet the intelligent beginner and HNW professional can also benefit. Investing is complex because there are so many moving parts.  My quantum investing theory includes the alignment and interaction between these factors known as entanglement.  Changing one particle affects the others.  You need to understand how this works so as to enhance your abilities and structure your investing strategy.  Knowledge s power.  If you don’t know how the moving parts affect each other and property, the currencies, economies and gold, then you are behind the eight ball. We deliver expertise on the broad subject of investment, gold, silver and Australian gold miners.