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Island Pharmaceuticals is a drug research and repurposing company, focused on developing preventative or therapeutic drugs for viral infections. We have a lead asset – ISLA-101 - that was initially developed by our wholly owned subsidiary, Isla Pharmaceuticals. ISLA-101 is a drug with a well-established safety profile, being repurposed for the prevention and treatment of dengue fever and other mosquito (or vector) borne diseases. Dengue fever is the very definition of an unmet medical need. While 390 million humans are infected each year, it is thought that around 30-50% people with the disease do not present with symptoms, enabling the virus to spread within communities. Warming global climates are accelerating the presence of mosquito-borne viruses that can cause death to the US, Europe and Australia There is no specific pharmaceutical treatment and the one vaccine which exists is available to a highly restricted audience. Island has repurposed ISLA-101, an antiviral oral drug to treat mosquito-borne viruses (eg dengue fever / Zika) and intends to complete Phase II studies with a significantly de-risked clinical program. .


Island Pharmaceuticals (ASX: ILA) – Webinar Presentation
Island Pharmaceuticals (ASX: ILA) - Webinar Presentation