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E79 Gold Mines Limited is an Australian gold exploration company which, on listing, will have approximately 683km2 of highly prospective ground in two proven gold producing greenstone belts in the Western Australian Goldfields


E79’s Vision is to create significant value for Shareholders through good science and applied exploration with a strong culture of operating ethically and responsibly


To discover gold and develop sustainable operations whilst acting responsibly towards the environment and all stakeholders


  • To respect cultures, customs and values of all Stakeholders, including employees, contractors, suppliers, Traditional Owners, pastoralists and the community
  • At all times conduct ourselves with integrity, honesty and transparency
  • Encourage an enjoyable and safe workplace based on technical excellence, teamwork, collaboration and diversity
  • Seek to protect the environment and enrich the communities in which we work
SUSTAINABILITY, SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND COMMUNITY E79 is committed to operating ethically and sustainably, and embracing responsible environmental, social and governance practises. E79 strives to respect cultures, customs, and values in all dealings with people, places, governments and companies involved in our activities. E79’s success depends on our ability to build and maintain these relationships.
ENVIRONMENT Our tenure is based in the Western Australian Goldfields region with rich and diverse habitats. Our exploration activities are undertaken with care to protect the flora, fauna and sites of cultural significance.  As part of our Values, E79 strives to ensure transparent communication and engagement with the community, Traditional Owners and pastoralists in the areas we operate.
HEALTH AND SAFETY E79 values our people and the community in which we operate.  Our Code of Conduct is intended to instil a culture of safety awareness and strives to eliminate risks of harm.