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Endeavour Group is Australia’s leading retail drinks and hospitality business.

Our portfolio of complementary brands and businesses allows us to curate our brand propositions to meet customer needs. Each of our businesses has its own distinct value proposition built through shared capabilities in format, range, digital, data and analytics that form the foundations of Endeavour Group’s market leadership in retail drinks and hospitality. Our business is based around digital engagement and we have significant customer reach, through our My Dan’s and Monty’s Rewards members, and access to Everyday Rewards members.

This broad reach is supported by a large network of stores and hotels, which enables us to deliver outstanding experience and convenience, while further deepening our eCommerce engagement. We have the largest number of pick up locations in Australia, fast delivery alternatives and the widest product selection across our various brands.


EDV - Morgans rates the stock as Hold
EDV - Credit Suisse rates the stock as Underperform
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