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Many stockbrokers have been forced to use substandard software or adapt manual paper procedures that have made it difficult to deal with the changes in legislation brought about by CLERP  (“Corporate Law Economic Reform”) in early 2000 and also the recent FOFA requirements.   Many firms are still using these manual processes and old systems which line with "industry standard" and are unfortunately having to pay out hundreds and thousands of dollars in client settlements. To provide support for these changes and an organised paperless compliance process, in 2007, Complii Automation Innovation Software was born.  The system started as a simple SOA (“Statement of Advice”) generator and client profile tracker but has now morphed into a full compliance and corporate system for brokers or anyone dealing in Securities.   Operating in many stockbroking firms and AFSLs, for over 8 years now the system has seen numerous ASIC audits and external audits all with positive results.  Complii originated in Perth, and was built with logic conveyed by advisors, management and compliance personnel.  Complii continues to grow, and can be seen in organisations on both the West and East Coast of Australia. This customisable software has been designed to automate record and report on an AFS Licensee’s compliance obligations. Please contact us should you wish to hear more about our product range or receive a live demo of the system.