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Redefining the real estate experience for everyone, by empowering the world with transparency.

Openn Negotiation began in the same way many other revolutionary innovations occur: through the need for a better way of doing things. In 2016, our Founders, Technology Developer Peter Gibbons and leading Western Australian Real Estate agents, Peter Clements and Brad Glover, began to gather years of feedback from sellers, buyers and agents on the frustrations of the existing sales process. With challenging Real Estate market conditions leaving homes on the market for 150+ days and general frustrations with property purchasing from all parties, our Founders were convinced the market was ready for a fresh and fairer way to sell real estate, that left everyone satisfied and confident in the sales process. While technology is a large part of Openn Negotiation today, our initial goal was a much more analogue approach that focussed on finding an effective and transparent method of selling real estate, by encouraging healthy competition between buyers while ensuring sellers receive the best outcome - no matter what the market conditions are. The end result was the development of Openn Negotiation; a new sales process that is managed by Agents and mirrors the best parts of Private Treaty, while encouraging the competitive tension of an Auction and ensuring maximum satisfaction from all parties. In order to make this process run seamlessly the Openn Negotiation app was developed and today, Openn Negotiation has redefined the real estate experience for everyone by empowering the world with transparency. Buyers no longer wonder if they were paying too much or get frustrated with the regulations around private treaty and Sellers don’t lose sleep over the possibility of their best offer walking out the door. By offering a clear bidding platform specifically designed to provide equal opportunities for all involved, Openn Negotiation has helped over 2000 sellers realise drastically reduced days on market, gain real-time feedback on their property, and access a wider buyer pool. Today, Openn Negotiation is the largest online auction and property sales platform in Australia. Our continued success will come through the work of our support staff and engineering team who problem-solve everyday to provide all parties the greatest chance of achieving the best possible results.