Chimeric Therapeutics shows promise in ovarian and pancreatic cancers




Chimeric Therapeutics (ASX:CHM), an Australian company specialising in cell therapy, has reported significant in vitro findings for its chlorotoxin (CLTX) chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) NK cell therapy, CHM 1301. These preclinical results highlight the therapy's notable efficacy against ovarian and pancreatic cancers, suggesting potential advancements in cancer treatment.

CHM 1301 represents a fusion of Chimeric's existing assets, combining the recently successful CHM 1101 CLTX CAR T cell therapy with CHM 0201, an off-the-shelf NK cell platform. The resulting product is a next-generation CLTX CAR NK cell therapy.

In preclinical in vitro experiments involving human ovarian and pancreatic cancer models, CHM 1301 demonstrated promising results. Cell-killing efficacy against ovarian cancer increased by approximately 260% compared to first-generation CHM 0201 cells, while in pancreatic cancer, cell-killing efficacy surged by up to 300%.

These findings signify a substantial expansion of Chimeric's CLTX CAR therapies into the realm of solid tumors beyond glioblastoma, addressing unmet medical needs in the field of cancer treatment.

Buoyed by these promising results, Chimeric is propelling the CHM 1301 program to the next stage of preclinical development, utilising the recently developed armoured NK cell platform, CHM 0301. This platform aims to further enhance cell potency and bolster resistance against the immunosuppressive microenvironment typically encountered in solid tumors.

Jennifer Chow, CEO, and Managing Director of Chimeric Therapeutics, expressed her optimism regarding these developments, stating, "We are encouraged by the swift progress demonstrated by our next-generation CHM 1301 platform. This work underscores the potential synergy among Chimeric's existing assets, our ability to explore new disease areas, and the prospect of heightened efficacy with an off-the-shelf version of our CHM 1101 CAR."

Chimeric's cost-effective collaboration with Dr. David Wald at Case Western Reserve University has played a pivotal role in achieving these milestones, enabling the company to expand its next-generation pipeline while maintaining a focus on its current clinical-stage assets.


Name Peter Milios

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