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Our core purpose is to create shareholder wealth by leveraging in-house novel and proprietary mineral processing technologies to drive industry partnerships and future production of industrial mineral products and sophisticated materials from our large kaolin deposit, the Abercorn Project.
A public company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:ZEO) Zeotech has partnered with the University of Queensland School of Chemical Engineering to develop and commercialise proprietary zeolite mineral processing technology that consumes kaolin or suitable mine tailings / process residues to produce high value zeolites. The technology has the potential to fast track the development of the Abercorn Project, with a low capital cost to reach commercial production, by utilising its kaolin as feedstock. The technology provides opportunities to monetise broader applications of synthetic zeolites by potentially offering a more cost efficient manufacturing process than conventional methods. We aspire to improving environmental outcomes by continuing to build on the potential of our zeolite mineral processing technology to be applied as a commercial remediation solution for suitable mine tailings / process residues, by using tail streams as feed for low cost production of zeolites and further developing our technologies proposition across a range of environmental management solutions.
Zeotech’s partnership with the University of Queensland provides the Company with a robust scientific and technical capability, which underpins continued research and new product development.


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