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Pure Foods Tasmania Pty Ltd (PFT) was formed in 2015 with the aim to acquire, grow and develop premium food businesses in Tasmania. To date and in line with this strategy, PFT has acquired two businesses.

PFT’s growth strategy is twofold:
  1. organically grow its existing pate and Woodbridge product range and;
  2. grow via the acquisition of complementary businesses.
Organic growth will be achieved through increased penetration of existing markets, entry into new markets with a focus on exports and new product development. Significantly, the move to the new purpose-built facilities in Mornington, Hobart provides a platform for the Company to increase pate production, improve operating efficiencies, develop a range of new products and obtain an export licence to explore opportunities in overseas markets. PFT also intends to grow through the acquisition of complementary businesses, with a focus on synergistic and similar premium food/ beverage businesses in Tasmania, as well as other complementary assets/businesses that align with its existing portfolio