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Pan Asia Metals Limited (Pan Asia) is a South East Asian focused minerals exploration and development company with tungsten and lithium projects located in southern Thailand. The Company is specifically focused on South East Asia for both geological and economic reasons.  Pan Asia Metals projects are located in the South East Asian Tin – Tungsten Belt, which extends from Myanmar in the north through Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia to the Tin Islands in the South.  This belt appeals due to the occurrence of a suite of specialty metals associated with granite related tin, tungsten, lithium, tantalum, niobium, rubidium, cesium, rare earths and other rare metals – including kaolin clay.  This belt, which contains some of the largest historical tin producing districts in the world, specifically in Southern Thailand and much of Peninsula Malaysia, has experienced very limited modern exploration. Complementing Pan Asia’s project suite is the Company’s target generation program, where the aim is to build a pipeline of target assets in specialty metals and rare earths which fit our stated criteria.  This program has been running for several years and Pan Asia has a pipeline of target assets in SE Asia which are at various stages of consideration. Operating in South East Asia, especially in Thailand and Malaysia, gives the Company access to modern industrial economies with globally competitive cost environments. Pan Asia Metals are also located in close proximity to larger markets in Asia, the fastest growing and most populous region on earth. Pan Asia Metals have a preference for South East Asia as these countries offer competitively priced process inputs as well as being low-cost environments – something which applies to South East Asia in general and is why processors and manufacturers of all types choose to locate there.