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Palla Pharma is one of three licensed poppy processors in Australia, and the only Australian-owned company. It is one of six licensed NRM producers globally and one of only three fully integrated suppliers of opiates from NRM, API through to FDF products. The Company’s expansion within Australia and Europe includes the introduction of new growing areas to ensure long term sustainability for the supply of raw materials to meet our customer’s requirements. Palla Pharma has developed an innovative, efficient and environmentally-sustainable extraction and purification manufacturing process. We have adopted industry best practice across every facet of our operations.
Palla Pharma’s experienced and highly skilled team provides the Company with its greatest commercial advantage, drawing on extensive industry and commercial experience. Forging strong relationships is at the heart of Palla Pharma's business philosophy. From the farmer to customer delivery, our team understands the value of maintaining a more personal approach to the partnerships we foster. We deliver a highly competitive pricing platform made possible by our innovative growing and manufacturing practices.


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