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Mighty Craft (previously known as Founders First) is an Australian based craft beverage ‘accelerator’ operated by a group of leading liquor industry professionals.

The company invests in select craft beverage businesses alongside their founders and accelerates their growth through the provision of capital, sales and marketing, supply chain, management expertise and the operation of venues

Mighty Craft are building the world’s strongest craft beverage collective by supporting and growing independent craft breweries and distilleries.
By providing industry expertise, business solutions and growth funding Mighty Craft unlock constraints and enable our craft community to thrive.
Stronger together. One mighty independent network or people, products and places.
Mighty Craft was founded in 2017 and is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:MCL). If you’re interested in investing and becoming part of the Mighty Craft community, please reach out to our investor relations team.


Mighty Craft (ASX: MCL) - Webinar Presentation