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We exist to deliver enterprise technology capability to wherever you are. We do this by meeting the needs of local customers, with world class cloud services, delivered from local datacentres, managed by Perth based experts and supported by our network of technology partners. We offer 3 distinct but related services:

  • Cloud Services and Management - A suite of managed and vertically integrated cloud services delivered from our datacentres in Perth and Darwin. We work with over 40 local technology partners to ensure we can retain the personalised touch, wherever you are.
  • DC Modular - A containerised "data centre in a box". A flexible package, with industry leading efficiency, high density compute and storage capacity, allowing for simplified local/edge deployment, wherever you are.
  • DC Soft - Software assets to support our internal operations and provide enhanced control and flexibility, through automation and self-service, to our customers and technology partners, wherever they are.


Storing cloud services in data centres.