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Antilles Gold Limited was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (“ASX”) in 2006 under its previous name of PanTerra Gold Limited, to raise capital for its subsidiary, EnviroGold (Las Lagunas) Limited’s development of the Las Lagunas gold tailings retreatment project in the Dominican Republic.

The Las Lagunas project involved the recovery of approximately 5.0 million tonnes of stored refractory tailings from the Pueblo Viejo mine by dredging, production of a float concentrate, ultrafine grinding, oxidation, and production of dore through CIL and elution circuits.

The installed capacity of the Las Lagunas Albion/CIL plant which operated from July 2012 to December 2019, was 200,000 tpa.

Due to unexpected contaminants in the stored tailings and design issues with the world’s first Albion circuit for recovery of precious metals, gold recoveries from concentrate were limited to 60% rather than the +90% that would otherwise have occurred with a ‘clean’ concentrate from a mine, and an improved plant design.

However, the Directors of Antilles Gold, and the holder of Albion patents, Glencore Technology, are confident a second generation plant design will achieve +90% gold recoveries from concentrates as is achieved at GeoPro Mining’s, Albion/CIL plant at Ararat in Armenia.