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Vulcan Energy Resources is aiming to enable a 100% green electric mobility transition by becoming the world’s first Zero Carbon Lithium™ producer for electric vehicle batteries. Backed by a team of world-renowned experts in chemistry, engineering and geology, we aim to produce the world’s first, premium, battery-quality Zero Carbon Lithium™ hydroxide, by harnessing renewable geothermal energy to drive lithium production, without using evaporation, mining or fossil fuels. We will do this from our combined deep geothermal and lithium brine resource, which is Europe’s largest lithium resource, in the Upper Rhine Valley of Germany. Our resource is large enough to satisfy Europe’s lithium needs for many years to come, and ensure the transition to electric vehicles is done with minimal environmental footprint. Europe is the world’s fastest growing lithium chemicals market, with zero local supply. In doing so, we will fix lithium’s problems for the EU electric vehicle market: a very high carbon and water footprint of production, and total reliance on foreign imports.


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