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Wellard is an important link in meeting rising global demand for protein through the supply of quality livestock to consumers throughout the world. The purpose-built, technologically advanced livestock vessels that we charter to exporters and importers throughout the world, combined with a specialist livestock crew, ensure optimal welfare outcomes for the livestock on-board and a quality product our customers.
Wellard has successfully grown from a local livestock trading business to become an ASX-listed, international agribusiness. Its core business is chartering purpose-built, medium and large livestock vessels to international exporters and importers who want their livestock to arrive at their destination fit and healthy. Wellard also connects primary producers of cattle, sheep and other livestock to customers globally. Without the live export industry many Australian livestock producing areas would suffer economic hardship. Wellard’s global presence and mobile assets enables it to identify and capture higher margin opportunities between various export and import markets around the world. This also provides important market diversification to reduce regulatory, political and supply risk.