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Australia is our most well-established market where we have had a continued strong focus since 2007. The Australian fresh milk business continues to strengthen with 10.7%1 revenue growth and a record 11.2% market share2, up from 9.8% for the same period a year ago. a2 Milk™ was the fastest growing major fresh milk brand in Australian supermarkets and remains the leading premium milk brand and the only brand ranged in all major Australian supermarkets. a2 Platinum® infant nutrition revenue grew 35.3% and remains the market brand leader in grocery and pharmacy channels. We remain the highest brand advertiser within both the milk and infant formula categories, which continues to drive growth in brand awareness and consumer loyalty. The a2 Milk Company have licensed the a2 Milk™ brand to Fonterra to launch into fresh milk in New Zealand. a2 Milk™ became available in stores across New Zealand from July FY19.


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