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At TasFoods we believe that with Tasmania’s clean air, rich soils and reliable rainfall, it is the perfect place to produce high quality innovative products that meet consumer needs for local, convenient, sustainably produced and indulgent foods. TasFoods was established in 2015 to represent Tasmanian brands that harness the island state’s natural advantages for producing food and beverage products that meet evolving consumer needs. TasFoods aim is to deliver the essence of Tasmania to the table.

TasFoods invest in systems and resources to support our people to thrive and deliver business growth in focus areas. TasFoods have dedicated centres of excellence where our committed team skillfully produce the TasFoods range. TasFoods continue to explore ways to improve our own manufacturing capabilities as well as work with other producers and service to providers to help us to capture and deliver the essence of Tasmania.