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Southern Gold is a company with one unified vision: to become an internationally recognised high-grade gold-silver project generator in South Korea. We want to be known for our highly professional technical team which has a reputation for making valuable discoveries in a manner that shows respect for our operating environment and the local people. Southern Gold are driving this vision with a business model of monetising small gold deposits as we search for the big ones. We are conservative with the issuance of our scrip and look to put as many dollars as possible into drilling holes to make the next big discovery. When Southern Gold look at opportunities in the exploration space what does Southern Gold look for?

  • Southern Gold focus on gold, although we recognise that in the Korean context silver will be an important component of many of our projects. Gold is kind to small capitalisation companies due to its relative low capital intensity to develop.
  • Southern Gold focus on high grade gold opportunities. Grade is still king, and a high-grade deposit is a lot more forgiving than a low grade one. It helps manage risk and provides a buffer for what is a fundamentally cyclical industry.
  • Southern Gold like being near infrastructure. If we find something small, there is a greater chance of still turning it into money. If we find something large, it will be all the more valuable for being close to that which will make its development happen at more modest capital cost.  South Korea has incredible infrastructure and important project development advantages due to its advanced manufacturing sector.
  • Southern Gold are not afraid to joint venture to those that know what they are doing. Southern Gold is a small company with a highly professional team. We do not have the large-scale execution capability in mining, while other larger or more specialist companies have teams at hand and the expertise to execute. We manage risk by getting them to do so.
  • Southern Gold are principally guided by geology. Our business is the business of rocks, preferably rocks with precious metals. To find the world class deposit we seek we are better off starting with the most fundamental characteristic: geological provinces with the right tectonic architecture to allow gold deposits to form in the first place. South Korea is the ideal place to conduct this search.
Pre 20th century, South Korea was well recognised as an historic gold producer. This profile has eased in the past several decades and so represents a “time capsule” gold industry that is poorly developed but was once substantial. Having said that, South Korea is a modern, industrialised economy, a representative democracy and has substantial infrastructure advantages. But the reason Southern Gold is in Korea is the geology: we are wedged between China and Japan in geological time, with subduction zone ‘ring of fire’ geology. In other words, it hosts some of the best plumbing systems in the world when looking for the emplacement of precious metal deposits. Our technical team believes South Korea is ripe for modern-style gold exploration and discovery.


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