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Pivotal Systems provides the best-in-class gas flow monitoring and control technology platform for the global semiconductor industry. The company’s proprietary hardware and software utilizes advanced machine learning to enable preventative diagnostic capability resulting in an order of magnitude increase in fab productivity and capital efficiency for existing and future technology nodes. The platform includes Pivotal’s Gas Flow Controller (GFC) product lines that offer high-accuracy, real-time monitoring and control of the most critical parameters difficult to control in wafer processing today: Gas Flow and Chamber Condition.

  • Pivotal’s Ultra-High Speed GFCs operate at speeds down to ≤ 10msec on/off for process set point response time. This represents a significant speed improvement over other suppliers in the industry. At the same time, Pivotal can guarantee flow accuracy of ±0.5% of set point for the actual gas at these speeds. This leads to improved chamber matching and potential process improvements.
  • Pivotal’s new High Flow GFCs flows up to 50 slm. Leading manufacturers are already qualifying the High Flow GFCs into their fabs for the most advanced CVD and ALD processes.
IDMs, foundries and OEMs use Pivotal’s products to dramatically improve yield and productivity by avoiding catastrophic scrap events, tightening process windows and matching chambers more effectively. To meet strong industry demand, Pivotal Systems now operates high-capacity manufacturing facilities in the United States and Korea, and the company has annually doubled its total unit production each year since 2014.