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PARKD ltd is an ASX listed construction technology company that has developed an innovative lightweight concrete modular car parking system.

The PARKD Car Park System was developed by the founders of the business after identifying a niche market for a flexible structure that has the ability to be cost effective, reusable and easy to construct for use initially in the retail car dealership industry.

The Company was incorporated in October 2016 after the successful development of an engineered modular solution designed specifically for parking structures. The Company’s intellectual property rights surround aspects of the innovative lightweight concrete “modular” components.

These components minimise the structural weight and provide the ability to relocate the car park or adapt it to parking demands by adding or subtracting to the structural levels of the car park. The structure of the PARKD Car Park System is also compliant in terms of strength, serviceability and stability with relevant Australian Standards and established engineering principles (for elements not covered by Australian Standards). 


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