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Multistack, the original inventor of modular chillers, is known globally for its innovative approach in finding solutions for customers’ chiller and heat pump needs.  Multistack have an extremely wide range of chillers in both water and air cooled configurations, from modular scroll chillers starting at 70kwR, to heat pumps, through to very large oil-free centrifugal chillers of more than 4000kwR, using a variety of environmentally friendly refrigerants such as R407C, R410A, R134a, R513a, and R1234ze. Multistack Australia, founded in Melbourne in 1985, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Multistack International, which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.  Multistack now has thousands of chiller installations around the world, and with ISO 9002 and TUV CERT quality accreditation, so customers can be assured of receiving a high quality, reliable chiller, whenever they install a Multistack chiller. In 2020, Multistack brought its expertise in modularity, and thermodynamics into the field of renewable energy, by expanding beyond just providing chillers and heat pumps, to also producing energy using waste heat sources with their range of Verdicorp Organic Rankine Cycle engines, and their Oil-Free Turbo Expander by Verdicorp. Multistack can provide all your chiller and waste heat to energy needs and has qualified trained partners around the country to provide local support to all their installations.  Multistack also carries a wide variety of spare parts in Melbourne for all their chillers, as well as a good stock of parts for Turbocor compressors.