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Kip McGrath was founded in Maitland, NSW Australia in 1976 by Kip and Dugnea McGrath with the sole purpose of building a brighter future for children who were struggling with their education. Their ideology was simply that, “every child can learn, they just need to be taught properly.” The first tuition centre was in the family garage, where Kip and Dugnea would tutor local children who needed help with their literacy and numeracy. Kip developed a remediation learning system, based on assessing the child to identify the gaps in their learning. From this assessment, a personalised programme is devised to meet the child’s learning needs. As CEO Storm McGrath says, "On the back of this core belief, they began building a business that spans the globe. Kip McGrath Education Centres has helped millions of children improve their English and Mathematics skills and this has created a brighter future not just for themselves, but also their families. Improving these fundamental skills has led to better education and subsequently a better life for so many. As the business grows, vital skills are being passed to the next generation along with Kip McGrath's guiding value - a child who needs help, needs a teacher to motivate and guide them. I am very proud that my family started a business that truly makes a difference in people's lives."


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